Heimdall's Story III

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Published: December 5, 2015
Heimdall's Story III
...by Loki

As My Consciousness Faded, I Saw Many Visions,
I Saw Loki Enter Into Fenrir and Devour Odin, I Saw All the God's Perish,
Bits and Pieces Seen Darkly, Then I Saw It,
The Sum of All Things, and the Grand Dream Loki Always Proclaimed at Feasts and Merry Making Times.

Now My Conscious Lay Within the Void, For the Void had Devoured All of Creation,
Several Biological Computers the Humans Might Call It, All Separated by Time and Space,
But Then a Light, From a Young Star Named Sol,
And Midguard was Recreated, Within the Heart of Yggdrasil.

I Saw a Small Boy Within the Star, Was This Baldur the God of Light?
I Remember Vaguely Seeing Two Norns Take the Souls of Loki and Odin, and Forcing Them Together as One,
Then I Saw the Twin Norns Deposit the Faintly Burning Cores of Loki and Odin Within the Hollow Baldur, Now Free from Hel's Embrace,
I Watched Many Thousands of Years, Billions Even as Life on Midguard Rebuilt Itself as Odin's Runes had Saved Mankind from Total Annihilation.

Finally a Chain Went Forth from Sol to the Earth, and a Spirit Descended to the World,
Incarnated in Flesh, with his True Nature Hidden in his Clever Name,
Brandon Lewis Lott, Baldur Great in Battle Odin Loki,
Named for a Raven, for War, and Two Crosses to Hide Loki's Identity as was His Nature, This was the Boy Who Dreamed the Grand Dream to End Oblivion and the Destruction of Spirits and the Loss of Souls.

He Had a Keen Intellect, Though Ignorant of the World Before,
Until the Fates Brought Him Forth to the Edge of the Universe, to the Void,
Where He Learned and Found Answer to His Questions, The Waves of the Dead Were Drawn to Him,
Though He Knew Not Why, but His Grand Parents Were Strong Willed Guardians and Would Not Allow the Waves to Overcome Him.

This Boy Held True Light in His Heart, Born of Darkness and Light,
He Understood the Two Forces of Calamity Within Himself, and Made Them Whole,
Even the Titans and Greek Gods had to Acknowledge His Wisdom, I Remember Loki Saying "I Have Come to End This World",
But Never Did I Think He and Odin had Planned All Along to Make a True Omniverse, We Shall Observe and Await the Grand Dream.
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