Heimdall's Story II

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Published: December 5, 2015
Heimdall's Story II
by Loki...

Gazing Eastward from Asgard's Shore, I Saw the Sail of Naglfar,
The Ship of the Dead, and Knew the Time for Ragnarok was Upon Us,
It Hit the Shore and Broke Open, the Undead Soldiers that would Strike Fear into Asgard's Heroes Rising from the Planks,
Lopt's Treachery had Arrived, and Soon the Universe Would Be No More.

Loki Stepped off the Broken Ship, Guise of the Undead,
Only Known through Gungnir the Spear of Odin that he Took, After Releasing Odin from Yggdrasil,
He Also Carried with Him a Shield, I Sounded my Horn Gjallarhorn,
And the Final Battle Began as the Heroes and God's Took on Loki's Undead Beastly Army, No Turning Back.

"So Heimdall, the Prophecy was Unavoidable.", "I Am Here to End this World."
"Why do you Choose a Destiny of Self Destruction Loki?", "What is the Goal?",
"To Destroy Oblivion which Lies Beyond the Void,", "The Place of Madness and the Destruction of the Spirit."
"Did you Know it was I Odin's Shadow,", "That Stopped Him from Killing Himself in Oblivion when he Lost His Mind?"

"Loki I Know Not what Lies Beyond this Realm,", "However I Know Odin Planned to Die at Yggdrasil."
"Yes, but After He Grasped the Runes to Seal Oblivion and Save Mankind,", "Did You Not Know that the Secrets You Seek Lie Within the Blood of Man?"
*Clash of Spear and Sword*
"So Now We Fight,", "Equal in Power, the Universe Shall Slay me as I Shall set it Afire with Surtur's Wrath."

"You Will See the Sum of All Things When I Slay You Heimdall,", "Then You Will Know My Reasoning.",
"I Am Aware that Your Spirit Shall Invade Your Own Seed,", "And Cause the Death of Us All."
*Clash of Sword Against Shield*
"But are you Aware of Baldur's Fate Locked as Hel's Prize in Her Domain,", "Odin Keeps more Secrets Than I!".

*Loki's Spear Stabs Heimdall Through the Heart with Piercing Lightening, as Heimdall's Sword Lops off Loke's Head*
*Cough*, "I See Now."
"You Plan to Combine the Blood Brother's in Baldur's Heart,", "And Emerge in the World to Come."
"How Blind I Have Been as Watcher,", "We are All Locked in Oblivion."
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