Heimdall's Story I

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Published: December 4, 2015
Heimdall's Story I
by Loki...

I Am the Watcher, the Universe Embodied in a Man's Shell,
I Witness Everything that Occurs Within my Borders, Only the Void I Cannot Pierce with my Gaze.
From the Void Came the Spirit, Odin,
And his Twin Brother, Loki.

These Void Creatures Entered My Domain, and Began Shaping the Formless into the Formed,
I then Observed They Were One Being, Split in Two,
A Cosmic Twinship, So Close,
Yet They Would Split Apart, and a Cataclysm Would Occur.

It was I, not the Norns,
Who First Foresaw Ragnarok, the End of All Things,
The Eldest Son of Nature, He Possessed a Hidden Darkness,
A Betrayal of the Gods, Through the Progeny of His Seed.

All Efforts to Stop the End were Futile, I Knew I would Witness the Two Blood Brothers,
Shadows of Each Other that they Are, Clash and Everything would Burn,
I Could Only Stop the Darkness from Consuming Loki, at the Cost of my Life,
With my End, So Too Would the Universe Die.
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