Fenrir's Story III

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Published: August 20, 2014
Eldest Son of Nature
...by Loki

Deep Within my Heart, Nature Beats a Drum,
Roots Stretch to the Core, From Primal Beginning to Cosmic Ending,
I Find Myself Reborn Again and Again, I have been Traveling Gaia for a Long Time,
Always Forgetting, But Always Remembering.

I Tell this Story to Myself, in Place of Missing Ancestors,
We no Longer Live in Tribes, so the Storyteller must be Oneself,
The World of Grinding Metal, I Find Little Pleasure in,
I Long for a Home Barely in Mind, but Always in Heart.

Wild and Free, is All I want to Be,
To Feed the Wolf, Inside the Man,
But I Have Seen the Two Worlds Merge, in Visions Future-Past and Thoughts Past-Future,
In the Present, Nature shall be Reborn.

When Man, Whom Forgot his Divine Origins,
Remembers the Cosmic Stewardship, of Mother Earth,
Then Mother Nature will Bless us with Her Gifts Once More, and We Shall Howl Again,
Searching for the End of the Sum of All Things, the Lonely Void Father Seeks his Mate.

Infinite in Mystery is the Gift of the Goddess, Original Light in a Dark World,
Show us the Way, as we Peer into your Depths,
Take Off your Veil, No Longer Hiding your Face in Shame,
The Wounded Masculine has been Abusive I Know, but Only You can Heal its Wounds.

The Yin and Yang will Find Their Balance, and the Star Human will be Born,
Balanced in All Ways, Knowing the Void of Spirits Transmutes into Silver Lining of Hearts,
I have Devoured it All, and Seen its Worth,
The New Universe of Universes Awaits, let the New World be Born.

The Divine Feminine we Long For, Shall Return in Full Loving Remembrance of Herself,
And the Sink Hole of Man's Self Esteem, Shall see no more the God-Devil's Shadow,
For no Longer Shall they Fear Their Own Shadows, But See how We Walk in the Shoes of All,
With One Love and One Heart, Many in One and One in Many.
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