Fenrir's Story II

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Published: August 20, 2014
Bound and Unbound
...by Loki

Coming from the Place Beyond Time and Space, I was Aware of My Cycle of Reincarnation,
I Found Myself in a New World, With Sun Shining in the Sky Brilliant Star,
And a Reflection of the Original Night Light, Still Howling Longing for my Home,
This New World at First Appeared Innocent, I was but a Gentle Pup Once More.

The Men-Gods were my New Family, They Played with me with Stick and Ball,
They Raised me in Kindness, and my Inner Darkness was Suppressed,
As I Grew Big, the Void Fueling my Growth,
The Knowledge Born of Dragon Fire, Assimilating into my Mind.

My Family Grew Fearful of my Size, and They would Make me into the Big Bad Wolf,
They kept Attempting to Bind me, and my Pride would not let me Resist the Temptation,
I Loved Breaking the Bonds so Easily, it was just a Game to my Innocent Heart,
Until One Day they Forged a Chain from the Unseen Things, that Bound the Unseen Within.

Furious my Childhood was Gone in a Flash, I Bit off the Hand of Justice,
Fitting the Injustice Done to Me, I had no Rage in my Heart Until the Fools Treachery.
My Growth Accelerated, a Thousand Years went Past With Sword in Jaw,
Finally I could Feel the Bonds Straining, and then my Old Friend the Raven Came.

"Just as the Flames Devoured you Dear Heart,", "Eldest Son of Nature,"
"So too Shall you Devour the All-Father's Domain.", "We are One and the Same,",
"As so are You,","The Void's Secret's Shall be Revealed."
Ragnarok was Calling to Me, and I Broke my Bonds.

I Knew the All-Father well enough, he had Seen Beyond the Veil,
I was at His Side when he Hung from the World Tree, Yet he Was Drunken in his Reverie,
He Failed to Notice the Cowardice being Born within his Children, how they Grew Weak,
I Would have my Revenge, and set this Rage to Peace.

I Smelled their Fear, like Piss and Shit,
Many did I Devour, like the Monsters of Old,
Until Finally I found my Prize, the Void Filled me,
My Jaws Closed Around the Old Man, Still Drunk and Blind he Was.

And so were All Things Assimilated into my Heart-Mind, and Darkness Fell Once More,
Yet it was not the End, Our Energies Remained in the Void,
Slipping Out being Absorbed by the Eternal Fire, Burning Within Yggdrasil,
And so Loki whose Head was Felled by his Own Design, Was Reborn with a Wolves Heart.
© 2014 - 2020 raxnae
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