Fenrir's Story I

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Published: August 20, 2014
Heart of Loki
...by Loki

I Remember a Time Before the Light, The Shadowlands,
Primal Beginning, Spirit's in the Ether of the Void Father,
We Saw with our Ears and our Noses, Creating Psychic Imprints of the Mind,
I was Guided by a Raven, Who Guided me as its Precious Son.

I was a Gentle Pup, We were All still Young Then,
And then the Mean Spirits came, Knowing not from Where,
God-Devils that tried to Devour Us, but the Raven Always Guided me to Safety,
We had a Mental Link, but on the Day of my Growth we lost Contact.

In a World of Shadows, I saw more Children being Haunted by the Monsters,
I was Big and Strong, So I would Hunt them Down and Devour them before they could Kill,
I Won Many Mates along the Way, Grateful for my Protection,
And Many Other Creatures Flocked to Join my Pack, United We Overcame the Monsters.

I was the Divine Protector of the Inner Child, I was Fierce and Kind,
One Day when the Last of the Monsters was Defeated, a Little Light Appeared in the Sky,
For the First Time we Saw, And Perceived our Nocturnal Domain,
We Howled and Hollered and Celebrated this New Light, Our New Mother.

Then the Raven Returned to me, and Said "Lo and Behold it is Time to Face your Fears."
But I had no Fear, so of what did he Speak?
"There is a Mighty Dragon Coming,", "Only you Mighty Heart of Mine can Face its Flames.",
And so Curious and not Lacking Courage, I left my Pack my Home my Loves my Children.

I Found this Beast, Far Larger than I who was Largest of them All,
I was a Little Afraid, but my Heart was Strong,
I Ran through the Trees of the Nocturnal Twilight, Straight into the Flames,
The Pain and Pleasure of Death Greeted me, and Reborn I was into a New World of Day.
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