Blood Brothers

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Published: September 22, 2014
Blood Brothers
...by Loki

Do you Remember in Olden Days, when Vanir and Aesir were at War,
Elves Fought with Humans, as did Their Gods,
And we Cast on Either Side, Did Join our Blood to Create the Timeless Fae,
To Pave a Way, to Escape Death?

And then at the Sundering, We were Cast Apart Once More,
Like Two Points of a Line Segment, On Far Sides,
Our Alchemy Conflicted, The Dark and the Light Refused to Mix,
And the Cycle of Destruction Began, Self Sacrificing Ragnarok Seen from World Tree.

I Too Was Pierced There, and Saw as One with my Brother's Eye,
We are Two Shadows, Stepping In and Out of Each Other's Shoes,
And Now The Father Tree Calls Us Home, After our Struggles Against One Another,
Now Neither of Us Will Be Wandering like Strays, We are Now to Become Something New.

I Am Loki-Odin, as You Are Odin-Loki,
Dark-Light and Light-Dark, Primary and Secondary Natures Engaged,
You Study with the Elves Who Have Utilized the Human DNA Template, While I Watch the Humans Struggle to Activate Their Elven Blood,
From Our Two Joined Bloods, the Half Elven Half Human Race Will Ascend and Become as Us Timeless Fae.

Blood Brothers to the End, Whether Slain by Your Hand or Mine,
We Always Forgave and Forgot, Past Transgressions,
But Soon we Can Ride Together Again, We Already Embraced in the Land of Dreams,
I Look Forward to Reunion, in Valhalla's Golden Halls.
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