Baldr's Story I

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Published: August 16, 2014
Welcome to Hel
...by Loki

Is it any Wonder that Loves Parasitic Fauna was my Death?
Now I sit with Hel, her Treasured Prize,
She Whispers to Me, Words from a Dead-Alive Face,
"You are but a Child God of Light, and your Shadow is the Shadow of them All"

"Where have all those in your Hall gone?"
"They are Enacting the Cycle of the Primal Cosmos, they shan't Return."
"Why am I left here then?"
"For you it was gifted to see All Things Pass in the Ethers, Yours is the Gift of the Void."

And so I have Watched, Watcher of Watchers, Watched beyond even Odin as he was Devoured,
The Wolf's Gaping Maw became the Void and Consumed All Things, Yet I see Loki Dancing,
From Behind this Thin Veil, the Chaos Stills and Shadows join Loki in the Blank Infinity,
I Perceive the Cycle Continue, though Altered.

I see the Imaginations of Man Play Out, Every Story ever Told Passes Before my Eyes,
"You are but a Child Light of God, to you the Rise and Fall is the Twinkling of an Eye."
And still I see Him Dancing in this Madness of Infinity, until I felt myself Dancing,
I Understood, the Shadow of Shadows was Myself, I was All these Beings Within a Mirror.

It was then that my Child-Like Mind Awoke and I Knew what Odin had Seen in the Runes.
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