Alfheim's Story III

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Published: December 18, 2015
Alfheim's Story III
...by Loki

And so it Came to Pass that the Nine Worlds Began Interweaving, Most Curious was Midguard,
Formed from the Dead Giant Ymir, There was a Race of Ape Creatures who Stood as the Elves Did,
Yet Could not Have an Intelligent Conversation With, But They Were Generally Peaceful,
Only When the Elves in Their Intense Passions, Began Mating and Interbreeding with Them did they Change.

A Fae's Life is All About Change, Just as the Seasons,
And Their Immortal Blood, They Soon Found Losing its Timelessness,
A Quickening was Occurring, and the Ape Creatures Now Were Men,
And They Harnessed Fire, and Made Weapons of War.

They Would Attack the Elves, Visiting Midguard Which They Considered a Sacred Second Home,
Killing and Raping, But Some Light Hearted Men Would Catch Them Cleverly Such as the Lonely Fishermen,
Whom would take the Seal Skin from a Selkie, and Bind Her to His Whims,
The Elves Knew Man Must Never Learn to Travel to Alfheim, for They Were Too Numerous to Defeat.

And So it Was the Aesir Arrived in Alfheim, With Grand Retinues and Scary Warriors and Beautiful Valkyrie,
Odin Their Leader Said "Vanir We Come Now In Peace,", "But If You Do Not Surrender the Secret of the Runes We Shall Destroy You!",
Loki was there too, and He Proclaimed "Freyr it Twas I and this Old One Eyed Man Whom Gave You Life.",
Freyr during the Golden Age had Found a Sister in the Goddess of the Nine Worlds Freya, and She Advised All to Partake of a Dinner.

Odin Spoke to Freyr, "Have You Noticed Your Kinds New Mortality? Or How Some Get Lost in Reverie and Become Waves Free of Bodies?",
"I Have Wise One,", "And I Fear It is the End of Our Time.",
Loki Piped in, "The End of Your Time is Never, Even as Spirits you are Timeless and the All-Father Wishes to Grace You With A Proposition.",
And as They Discussed Preventing an Unfortunate War, Loki Went to the Balcony of the Grand Tree,
Where He Laid Eyes Upon  Freya, "Freya Goddess of the Valkyrie, Political Intrigue Leaves Me Rather Bored, but I Have a Request For You Fair Lady.".

And So The Two Went to Her Chambers, Were Many Had Gone Before But None So Clever as This One,
Whilst Freyr's Pride Kept Him From Giving in to Odin's Demands for the Runes of the Norns, Loki Was Making Love to Freya who is Also a Goddess of Love,
He Cut From Her and Wound It About His Finger, And Once They Finished They Returned to the Main Dining Hall,
Loki said "Look What I Have Here, a New Ring.", Freya Was Laughing But Freyr was Furious.

"Take That Off Immediately Or I Will Slay You!" He Proclaimed, "Uh uh uh," Replied Loki,
"Old Man Explain The Deal to Him.", Odin Said "Your World and Its People Will Rise to a Higher Dimension of Light.",
"The World of Man Shall Take Its Place in Physicality,", "You and your Sister Are to Come to Asgard and Remain as Diplomats of Your World and as Hostages.",
"This Shall Be So Until Ragnarok,", "Only Then May Your Realm of Light Return to Being Physical."

"What is a Man May I Ask?" Asked Freyr, "That They Should Take Our Place Violent and Barbaric as They Are."
Loki Answered "A Man is Both the Most Humble and Most Prideful of Creatures,", "Both the Greatest of Love and the Worst of Hatred."
"Now That You've Agreed to Our Terms,", Loki Burned the Hair Round His Finger in a Poof of Smoke Releasing Freya's Soul,
"I'll Tell You a Secret,", "Twas I Whom Gave Man Fire! Clever, Sly, and Brave!"
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