Alfheim's Story II

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Published: December 17, 2015
Alfheim's Story II
...by Loki

And so it was that the Two Kings Proceeded with Escort, to the Farthest Ends of Their Domain,
In Search of this New Emotion They Both Felt, Only then did they Realize They had Never Traversed so Far,
Destined to Meet at the Same Time, The Seelie and Unseelie Met,
The Point of Intersection, a Tree Half Alive and Half Dead Half Light and Half Dark.

"Brother, is that You?", The Words Left Their Mouths but They Did Not Know Why,
Then They Noticed an Old Man Sitting in Front of the Tree, Wizened but Somehow Still Full of Youth,
And He Said "Come to Me Oh Kings of Summer and Winter.", and so They Did,
"The New Feelings You Are Experiencing are Warm and Cold,", "Opposites of What you Each Rule.".

"You Are Two Halves of a Whole,", "And I Am Here to Teach You the Blood Brother Ritual and Join You.",
And so They Listened to the Old Man Explain Why They Were So Similar yet Differed, and then Came the Ritual,
The Two Kings Danced Under the Tree, Round and Round.

The Cuts on Their Hands Joined the Others, and Their Blood Intermingled,
In a Brilliant Flash of Light, They Became One Being,
"Who Am I oh Wise One?", They Asked,
"Freyr the Vanir, Ruler of the Fae Vanir Elven Folk."

They then Looked Upon the Tree, Which Now Had Two New Hues,
"And Now the Procession of the Seasons Shall Begin,", "Spring and Autumn Are Born!",
Proclaimed a Now Youthful Looking Kid, and With That He Disappeared,
Freyr's People Began Intermingling, And Many New Fae Were Born of the Union of Seelie and Unseelie.

They Found Balance in the Seasons Passing, Singing of Rebirth in the Spring,
And Dancing as the Leaves Fell in Autumn, Their Reveries Grew Stronger,
And Thus the Golden Age of Elves was Born, Nature Based Beings,
Who Could Survive Any Apocalypse, Even When Their Time Came to an End.
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