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grey mech

just one old robot concept
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nice robot or mech design

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Damn, Samuel Hayden got real thicc.

Yo I like your work a lot. I'm making a model of a mech based off of this if that's alright with you.
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For a second I thought the gun was its robo dick
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The design kinda reminds me of the robot charachter Kannon from the series Cubix.
And this mecha really grabed my Hearth.
Awsome design!!!
Trytix approves! =D
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This is orgasmic!
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haha, thanks :)
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Can I use this for a youtube channel profile pic?
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if you want :)
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This is really really good. The stance is strong, the mechanics feel practical. Really nicely done!
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YOU made this? I saw this design in this video and thought it was taken from some famous video game. You did a great job!
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What the hell was that o_O :D lol , yep the mech is there, just my personal concept
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It's kind of hard to explain... Anyway, great job on the design. :thumbsup:
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i just love the realistic design about it ^^ u dont find that good mechs anymore so i am glad that alteast you have some great skills :P 
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Love the organic curves in this design. Awesome
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I love the way the legs look. Very cool design
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Excellent work. :D
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awesome! super idea!!!
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I gotta give you kudos -- this is genuinely original (and, of course, expertly rendered).
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