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Mech Concept

By rawwad
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Just one older mech concept this time. I tried to made something combinig hard metal and soft micro-robotic tissue. I gave him bad ass weapon of course, you know, future is dark and other things have guns too...blablabla...that`s it :)
I hope you like him guys and girls.
Anyway, if you wanna see some other of new or old unpublished stuff, just check my blog here: [link]
And please, feel free to comment and critic
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Hi, my name is Blaise and im a young gamer designer. Im self taught and im just looking around to see if anyone here can help me out with some concept art. I no good at drawing and im still learning all of this but if anyone can help me please email me at Thanks
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It sorta looks like a 4 runner
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u mean like a TOYOTA 4runner?

like this?

Gotta say, I quite like the look of this.
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By far the coolest mechanics on Deviant Art! I like his main body, it has a simple but cool shape. Great job! Also, I wanted to ask, are there any tips for creating something this good? I would really like some if it doesn't bother you too much :)
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Hi, thanks for kind words, I am glad you like it.
Well, any tips, hmmm. 
For mechs is good to do lot of linear drawings, where you have control over the shapes. And perspective. Because lot of mechs are made from very simple shapes, the wrong perspective is so easy to spot.
Well its also good to have any practice to drawing hard surface stuff, the more is better :) I mean if anyone is good for example at drawing military technique and have good imagination, will have big advanatage how to render machinery parts.
And if you asking for design, well, thats something which came with lot of experience and imagination together. So much stuff you can be inspire with is everywhere, but is always good to put it somewhere else. For example, I like Japan mecha, gundam and similar, but I always try to just take a little from it, and rest complete by myself. i think thats important to make something unique. Like you see cool robot pose, you can be inspire with that, but rest of the mech, the plating, the weapons will be different. Just be like a sponge, suck inspiration from everywhere, even every day objects. but then use in new possible way.
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Alright, thanks for the tips! This actually explains a lot of my messups when drawing, so thank you!
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Whoops, meant mech (stupid autocorrect)
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wow super clean looking mech , would love to get some pointers from ya !

awesome blog too

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the worm feet are what got me to love this one. rendering of forms is very strong too. can really feel them. keep it weird
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Thanks a lot for kind words friend :)
Hey mate, I made 3D model roughly based on this concept sketch and just wanted to share:  Thanks for the inspiration, it's a brilliant looking mech.  
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Cool, nice to see it in 3D :) I guess the proportions need some work, but whole model nicely done. Thanks for sharing, am I really glad you like my design ;)
keep up on doing great stuff
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Awesome concept! Feels portal'ish IMO
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thanks, ha, yeah kinda clean stuff
what did you make this in like the program or otherwise if you would like to explain?
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done in Photoshop with tablet, basically from smudge like doodle, then defining shapes and detailing :)
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Nice shapes on this one!
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Thank you very much :)
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Just wanted to say, this is one of my all time favorite mechs. It epitomizes the style of tech I always wanted to master.
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