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Éclair's Story…
By: Alyssa Moreno ♥

I was born a half-breed Also known as a "mutt" to people in my clan I was half vampire, half wolf it was a sin to be born a mixed blood especially if the blood was bad blood…vampires and wolf clans hated each other but that didn't stop my parents, they had me anyways but with their luck they had a baby with a demon inside…that's what happens when someone curses you. But they loved me anyway, I was born in the fall… the clan disapproved but they couldn't do anything. My father was the leader of the inoue clan since my grandparents died before I was born…my mother was also the princess of her clan which was called Ikumi Clan, she was next up in line for the thrown once her parents died. But once I was born they kicked out, there only hire to the thrown…

So she stayed with my father. (Ya kind of like Romeo and Juliet)

Ayame Ikumi And Ibara Inoue Always Forever…Well so they thought until I killed them…I didn't do it on purpose I did it by accident…how you say well…let me tell you about my life before I supposedly killed them.
I was a cheerful child always full of energy nothing and nobody could bring me down even if they hated me, or kept their distance from me. I had my fathers' bodyguard and my mother.
My fathers' bodyguard was named Noshiba but I called him Noshi-senpai. He took me everywhere and was my friend the only one I had in my clan. I trusted him with my life…he always saved me from bullies and thought me some sword moves. He always made me laugh; he was the best well I thought so…
My mother was the other person who meant the world to me. She was beautiful with pale white skin and bright blue eyes; her eyes were brighter than mine. She had long silky black hair.
I loved when she held me in her arms and sung me lullabies. Her singing was hypnotic it was like nothing I have heard before…it always made my troubles go away…she played ball with me and told me to follow my dreams and never let anyone get in my way…
Now for my father we rarely spent time together since he was always busy with the clan meetings and the town so no rival clans will get to us…we were hidden…
Well that changed when my so called "friend" Noshiba tricked me into showing him my family secret scrolls and spells…he told me he would help me get my dads attention he was right about the attention part…a few days after I told him. Alarms and screaming start happening at night. He came back with army of his own they broke into my village and started killing everyone…so ya I didn't actually kill them my self but I blame myself until this day…
My mother grabbed me and ran with me taking me to a hidden room that no one knew about she was in pain she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear  "Éclair there is going to be a time when you will fall in love…" I look over her shoulder with my eyes wide with tears "l-love…" I asked she held me tighter "you will know… your heart is going to be jumping in your chest with happiness when those certain people come around and they will love you for you and only you don't let those people go éclair…stay s-strong…I love you…my d-darling daughter" she says crying she stands up and lets go of me "now run…run for your life!" she says summoning a protector wolf with me. She smiled at me with tears going down her face and she closed the door leaving me… I tried opening it but it was locked from the inside…I heard her voice pierce the night sky with her painful scream. Something warm starts going under the door "there's something warm touching me…"I say looking down at my hand "I-its b-blood…"my eyes widen the wolf grabs me and starts running off with me "NOOO!! MOMMY NOO!!" I yelled straining my voice with tears streaming down my face they started burning down the building fire was everywhere…I was terrified…the wolf kept on running with me. I then saw my father lying on the ground dead with a sword pierced in his chest. After that last view I pasted out…when I woke up I was on the cold forest floor next to a dead wolf shot with arrows. He was wrapped around me so I wouldn't freeze to death… I then heard a crack of leaves… 'They found me...' I thought to myself looking into the dark forest waiting for someone to come kill me…
To Be Continued…
Heres A Little Story Of Eclair.. I Hope It Doesnt Suck :/
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