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EDIT 11/10/11: Minor Bugfixes


You like it virtual, you like it fake, you like it cheap, you can't afford real film, you don't accept those incredibly high prices for expired film, you just bought a Polaroid camera at ebay and realised afterwards, there's actually no more film available, you are about 17 years old and on that 80's retro trip, you have a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS or higher on your fancy laptop and want to max it out?
Then you really should try this out!


Download the ZIP, extract the ATN file that's inside to a directory of your choice, open Photoshop, load the action, choose an action, press play, wait, behold!

Wait a second - actions, photoshop, what's this all about?! READ THIS ARTICLE

Wait another second - you are too lazy to read?! Watch this cool video tutorial by !TheGreatGeekyMe on his blog DANCINGPANCAKES.COM

:bulletgreen: Is anyone out there who knows how to write scripts for PS? I'd like to add more comfort and features that can hardly done with a fully automatic action.


Changes & approvements between V1.1 and V2:
:bulletgreen: only one action for wide and high format photos. Doesn't work properly with cropped formats like 1000x3000px though.
:bulletgreen: decreased runtime by deleting a lot of steps that were unneccessary
:bulletgreen: added the film type 600 b/w Example
:bulletgreen: added four Emulsion Void actions Example
:bulletgreen: improved the look of all types
:bulletgreen: reduced value of grain/noise
:bulletgreen: grain is additive and subtractive now (original contrast is maintained)
:bulletgreen: removed all stops caused by confirmations on several points in the script
:bulletgreen: implemented the finisher effects streaks and bevel to the main actions
:bulletgreen: added snapshots at some points in the script that allow you to roll back to previous states of the script.
:bulletgreen: The frame looks a bit more realistic imho. It has a light dirt texture and a thin void.
:bulletgreen: The different aspect ratios of Type Zero and 600 are now given


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thank you very much. I am moving my first steps in Photoshop World. I like your Polaroid Action and i am trying to understand how you created all the passages.

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Your work may attract all the deviantart people..You did a good job and you are professional.
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The effects are decent, but the fact that the actions resize the image immediately renders it useless for a professional workflow. A working photographer/retoucher/designer will never adopt an action that sizes an image down. 
Hey mcdj, I don't think you fully understand what you're talking about.  This is a FREE* action, so if you want an action that is rendered useful for a pro workflow, you can pay to have it developed to your specs, or do it yourself.  Professionals don't whine about FREE* software that doesn't function to their exact needs.

Anyway, this is a fantastic action, which clearly took a ton of time, thanks for sharing it rawimage!

*edit: but you should donate to the developer if you find it useful!
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Some of the steps in the action make it necessary to resize the image to a specific size. Operations like creating masks need absolute dimensions to work.
Please keep in mind that a real Polaroid print has a rather limited resolution/quality. So, if you would scan a Polaroid print you wouldn't get a super crisp result either.
Nevertheless you can try to disable the step No 3 and 4 to avoid image resizing, but the part were the frame is generated won't work properly anymore. Also all the additional Effect-Actions won't work anymore ...
thnx for sharing
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Thank youu for this! <3
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Downloaded very cool :D
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I love the intro ... now I'm off to try it. Thanks!
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This bombed me completly away!! I want to cry's so wonderful, it looks so real..amazing..I nearly cry nox..
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:lol: you made my day!
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That's amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing
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cool! :) Thank you.
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Is there any way I would be able to stop the crop from my photos with these actions? Absolutely in love with with the filters & I would like to use without changing my photos to polaroids.

Thanks! :)
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Unfold the desired action and look for a step called work space or working area (I'm not sure how's it called in english). Uncheck it. Run the action and stop after the first pop-up message before the frame is rendered. You can also uncheck the first step called Image Size, but this has an effect on noise and Gaussian Blur.
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thx for sharing Bro.
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:iconiconagreeplz:this is so nice thanks for sharing!!
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