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Polanoid Generator V3


Version 4 is out:


What's new:

:bulletgreen: Added a new action impossible PX680 color shade BLUE

:bulletgreen: Improved framing. It's generated (insert number here) times faster.
:bulletgreen: 10 new IMPOSSIBLE FILM TYPE actions
:bulletgreen: Actions now can be used in batch mode

This action is free and Creative Commons.
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Special Thanks to mousiestmousy for the wonderful sample images. :heart:

DISCLAIMER: I spent a lot of time creating this action. It helps you to save time, and maybe you can even learn something new. Nevertheless, to install and use Photoshop actions you have to have at least basic Photoshop skills. I won't help you with that. There are plenty of Tutorials on dA and the interwebs.
My actions often have the approach to mimic a certain kind of photographic process. I enjoy to study prints and to reveal its essence, while thinking of a way to empathize this essence with Photoshop. I'm aware that my actions don't create adequate substitutes for an original piece.
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This is SO SICK. Thanks for post. Cary in Wichita, Kansas

i really want to use this generator because it looks so fun to use but im a newbie in a world of photoshop. can you suggest tutorial videos of how to get done this? ive been seeing this generator since 2014 and i want to try it.

Thank you for creating these tremendous filters! Wonderful. I donated via PayPal. I believe in supporting artists who do excellent work. Thank you for making these available. I hope others have donated too.

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Thank you for your generous donation and for taking the effort to create an account just to write this appreciative comment. :w00t:

You are so welcome! Keep up the great work. Still love the filters. Cheers : )

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I've used this fantastic set of actions on Photoshop CS5.1, and I am wondering if it does work on Photoshop 2020 (21.2.0 release) ? So far, when I tried it, I got some errors... Thanks :-)

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Tried it right now and everything works fine.

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Wow, Thanks for your answer. I had issues, but I suspect they might be linked to the language version (I used it on a PC, and moved to a Mac also). I will further investigate it. Thanks again.

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After moving Photoshop (21.2.0) to a Mac, I had few things to do after re-installing the Polaroid Generator V3 by rawimage Actions :

- make sure there is only on PhotoShop file opened

- make sure the image is flattened before launching an action (otherwise I had a bug which I believe was linked to layer selection)

- set the Action Playback Options - Performance to Accelerated (otherwise it runs slowly step by step)

- in the Presets, activate the Legacy Patterns and More (… on some actions it refused to save the file, displaying an error : Photoshop could not save … because the selected pattern is not available)

and now it seems to work just fine… and I love these Actions.

Thx again,


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wow this did it, the problem was with the patterns, activating "legacy patterns and more" on the patterns window did the trick, thank you so much!

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Hi Arnaud, thanks for your profund feedback. I'm happy to hear that "everything's" running smooth now.

Like I mentioned in my mail, I'm currently working on an update, trying to eliminate some of the issues you mentioned. Other opened files should not interfere, but who knows.

Hi. I've used your action for years to create stunning Polaroids and it's been working great every single time. Except now. I've tried using the action both individually and as part of a batch. When I get to the last dialogue box asking if would I like to transform and click yes, it doesn't show the change and when I click enter I get the following error message. I've tried looking on Adobe forums, but with little luck. Might it be due to any updates or similar? I first tried the Photoshop 21.1.2 version, but then updated to the newest one (21.1.3). Same error. Got any creative suggestions? :) Much appreciated!

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hi! I just want to say that i've also had this problem, it doesnt seem to happen to every action, in my experiencie 600, 600 vivid, PX600, px600 grainy (this one doesn't even get past the frame creatin step), px600 dry, px600 rust, px600 b/w and px600 low. In every case the image rendering breaks completely and either the image is frozen or not present until you revert to the original image state. I hope to have this resolved soon because this set of actions is legendary, thank you so much!

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This is strange, because all actions are identical, except for the first part.

Tried it right now with PS 21.2.0 on a Mac and everything works fine. This being said I freshly installed the action.

This project is kind of depricated, so I'm not sure when I'll look into it.

For now, use one of the actions that runs through, select the three topmost layers and convert them into a smart object. Delete everything else. Save it as PSD. Now you have a frame template.

In the future simply run only the first part of the actions (where the specific look is generated) and use the frame template.

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thank you so much for replying! will try removing and re installing

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You also might be happy to hear that I'm updating the whole action set atm to simplify things and increase the output size to more modern standards. :nod:

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wow! is your paypal address in this post current? i'll love to send you a few euros

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Yes, it is. :D

Hey check out the new version: PolaGen 4

PolaGen 4
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I'm seeing the same message on some of the actions.

Waou Thank you so much ... very very good result !

Where's download button? I can't see it. 😭

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