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LITHPRINT overcooked



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EDIT 03/04/13: Minor bugfixes and improvements
EDIT 01/25/08: `LuneBleu wrote a good article about Photoshop Actions and how to install them. Check it out!
EDIT 10/18/06: Thanks to the feedback of *Offering I fixed some language issues

I just finished a new Photoshop action which creates the look of an overexposured lithprint. Sample

Contains three actions:

:bulletgreen: Overcooked + texture @ original size
:bulletgreen: Overcooked + texture @ 1000 px (runs faster)
:bulletgreen: Overcooked without texture

An optional treatment would be to oversharpen the photo at the end. Therefore flatten the image and use Unsharp Mask with a setting about Strength 160, Radius 40, Threshold 0

Have some photoshoppin' fun :heart:

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DISCLAIMER: I spent a lot of time creating this action. It helps you to save time, and maybe you can even learn something new. Nevertheless, to install and use Photoshop actions you have to have at least basic Photoshop skills. I won't help you with that. There are plenty of Tutorials on dA and the www.
My actions often have the approach to mimic a certain kind of photographic process. I enjoy to study prints and to reveal its essence, while thinking of a way to empathize this essence with Photoshop. I'm aware that my actions don't create adequate substitutes for an original piece. I just mention this, because there were some purists and hardliners in the past, that shook their heads or even felt offended. Consider this simply a nerdy hobby of mine.
A weak point of Photoshop actions is, that it's not convenient to load files (like textures) during playback, if you want to use the actions on different machines. That's because the paths saved in the action are absolute. To make the outcome perfect, you should adjust the layers and values to your needs and place additional textures manually.
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