Should I try drawing again?

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By Rawglor
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I've been thinking about trying to do some more drawing, mainly messing around with charcoal. I've seen a lot of really cool stuff done with charcoal and would like to make art similar to what I've seen.

I'm hoping it might be something easier for me than the drawing I've tried to do in the past. Basically I'm thinking doing something more abstract/surreal.

Any suggestions/tips?
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watch proko vids
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MarcoPellinoStudent Traditional Artist
Never stop drawing!
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If there is a chance it will make you happy, then by all means, try it. There is something very good, and personal, about working art with the hand. It may well help your other art too.
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L0udestSilenceHobbyist General Artist
Just make sure to keep paper towels, soap and water nearby. Charcoal is always a mess for me. lol
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RaitoARTProfessional General Artist
Never stop, if you want, you need to draw and learn the material. Good luck and creative flight.
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ArtisticStefanHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's always good to switch things around once in awhile. It will, if nothing else, get you to clear your head and give you a new creative outlet. Even if you don't stick with it, it may give you new ideas.  Not that I want to sound like an instructor, but I did it resently, and it helped me.
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
Ih you want to try, go ahead! I'd like to see what you'd draw! ;)
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NSALNSADHobbyist General Artist
yes. dont be like me, i gave up drawing a long time ago. now iam starting over because i lost that artistic touch
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TheorignalLoreHunterHobbyist General Artist
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PunchTheSkyStudent Photographer
Yea keep drawing :)
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If you feel like it, you definitely should! You could be better at it now, especially as you've done it before, :) Good luck with whatever you draw! :)
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Yes keep drawing:)
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Lugia20711Hobbyist Writer
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RedSpotSylphinaProfessional Digital Artist
I think the answer is yes - keep drawing :)
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You Should Start Drawing Again. It Would Be Really Interesting To See What You Can Do.
So Yes Give It A Shot!
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