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This is not a threat, or some hate message. I don’t care if you tried to melt me down, and I don’t what your comment have to do with me. For rest assured, if you tried to frame about those things that I done few years ago. You are making a terrible mistake to impersonate a person who need to focus his own life. You can hate all you want, and you won’t take my spirit. I am not in a mood to read what your response said, or any kind of your word. You have no rights to demonize a person who like to unlimiting his creation, and you have no rights to impersonate me. If you tried to impersonate with your so-called rude complaints, I will try to expose you, and your action to the public. Don’t try to mess with me, and don’t try to lie in front of me. I am not rude or irritated, you have some issue inside your head, and you might be offended for no reason. You folks can talk about me all you want, but they won’t believe you from what you said. I am not waging war against you. I am telling you
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Greating to all people who loved the remake of Hunt Down The Freeman: This is Rawflesh, today I have some bad news. The creator of Hunt Down The Freeman: Fall of Freedom decided to ceased development of the project, and he stated this, “The mod is dead” and “Yeah... its dead. Right now, I’m making different mod and i don't want doing anything with HDTF. I'm really sorry...You were good writer...” I'm not the creator of Hunt Down The Freeman: Fall of Freedom because I never experience how to develop a mod before. What embarrasses me that he ceased it while ago, and I thought this project is going to change Hunt Down the Freeman into a better game. Would it coming back to life? Well, I can’t tell. Although most people who hated HDTF isn’t going to take second chance to revise this game (there were some people who were willing to do it but they never develop anything yet). His decision was to focus on another project such as Postal Remake rather than working on Hunt Down The Freeman
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This is Rawflesh0615 here, taiwanxaxreal is back on Deviantart for doing more no good of stealing more Metal Slug sprites. He upload an sprite background from Metal Slug 4 by editing it to pretend it's his own creation without credits. Without credits, how would people believe that might be his own work? If no credits, then other people will label it as a stolen content. Remember CREDITS do matter, if you reupload it without permission. Then you are disrespecting with the author. Responsibility man, responsibility. Their more important for every sprite artist. If you seen that toxic taiwanxaxreal, then I advise you to block him before he will slander you back for revenge. Please spread this awareness and don't let him take over you. Thank You Links: Stolen Sprite Background: https://www.deviantart.com/taiwanxaxreal Also, he already got a YouTube Channel. When I discover his so called comment where he stated, "This Community Are Cringe.... Even MSA (MS5E Devolver Are Ripped on
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One question that has been going around my mind, is rebel marine recon story part of the main Sprite wars storyline or is it independent and act like it's own thing.

Well, for me. I rather take it as both. Because I was thinking I should create my own story called, "Rebel Solution" which is a Half Life Metal Slug Crossover which does take place after Metal Slug 7. Although, it's not actual canon based.

I see. I was just wondering if it was part of the sprite wars lore it was built on.

Thanks for adding your favorite.

Goblin Queen - Happy Valentine 2021

Your welcome. :)

Greetings Koniiwa247, what's brings you here?