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Fanfiction stories (USED FOR FAN SEQUELS)

- Ball of Consequences (Take place after the event of Angelina Ballerina Costume Ball). (COMING SOON)

- Law and Vengeances (Fanfiction story of where it take places after the event of Very Special Blossom, Fallen Arches, Town and Out, etc). (COMING SOON)

- Sym Bionic Titan Watchmen Chronicle. (IN PROGRESS)

- Torment and Pain: Take place after the event of Kim Possible Overdue. (COMING SOON)

- Runaway from Elwood: Take place after Nerve of Steel (COMING SOON)

- C&C Tiberian Dawn Nod Uprising (COMING SOON)


Favourite Visual Artist
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Independence Day, The Rock, Navy Seals, Act of Valor,
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Sym Bionic Titan, Godzilla, KND, Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, etc.
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Starcraft, C&C, Call of Duty (Never played it yet), and Half Life
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Metal Slug Sprite Gallery

Sym Bionic Titan Watchmen Chronicle

Sym Bionic Titan Watchmen Chronicle (Coming Soon)
Steel Fan Stamp
Babyface Fan Stamp
I love Ramirez
Task Force 141 Stamp
Minecraftkid564 EXPOSED WARNING, whatever you do DON'T try to argue and harass this dangerous troll! To all of you DeviantArt user out there, I wanted to know this DeviantArt user named, "Minecraftkid564" showed up to my journal covering to warn people about the horrible DeviantArt Eclipse changing that would ruin the group page. When he sends a comment, this is what he said. It's not just his opinion, but a poorly excuse comment for doxing and threatening people to break up their spirit to fought against corruption. PROOF: This proves himself that he's a troll who like to silence people who despite the current update DeviantArt Eclipse Group page which made other jealous and cause depression. Another thing, he also troll and dox people thinking not only petition is going to work. But he send a poorly insult comments by protecting David Zaslav. He show no respect toward people who are against David Zaslav WBD corruption, but sending it a poor excuse trolling comment to make
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I would like to bring desire bad news, Masonicon either deactivated his account or DA censors him without any questions. While I was surfing on my laptop, this is what I discovered: I don't know why he left DeviantArt for? Drama? Trolling? Or being shadowed banned. Whoever done this, someone will pay for it. Link: https://www.deviantart.com/masonicon
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Mixelstone EXPOSED This status post has nothing to do for endorsing death threats. But to bring awareness and reminder to stay away from any users who are trolls, cyberbullies, and stalkers. Most of you users aren't aware of the situation on DeviantArt. What I am talking about is Mixelstone. This user uploads tons of graphic contents on disgusting gore on people sending death threats toward innocent fanbases, people who despite Teen Titans Go, and the one who are against the trolls. PROOF: PROOF: Advocate Teen Titans Go for not aware why the show is terrible and branded himself as a casual troll. Link: Plus sending death threats: https://www.deviantart.com/teentitansno It's proven true why he allowed to advocate death threats toward people who despite Teen Titans Go, and most of his galleries are full of graphic contents. Most of his galleries uploaded tons of gore for sending death threats to make fans to look bad. Additional Criticisms on victims who
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My birthday was two months ago.

I hope your birthday went wonderful :)

My birthday was last week.

awesome, and yep, I was a little late

Happy birthday on your special day bro, have a great time, as if it were the best of your life :)