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I have finally seen The Dark Knight!!!!! :w00t:

no spoilers in the text...

Yes, I have finally seen the movie and it was AWESOME!!!!!
I had to remind myself to blink, or else I would have been staring for more than two ours...all the actors are brilliant, they all feel so realistic..and the story is great too, even if it has some minor faults, but noting desturbing...but there is one man that steals the show...Heath as the Joker!!! There are no words to describe his magic....pure magic!!!!! Everytime he entered the screen the hole audience drew their breath, of both joy and the fear of what he was going to do next...He is scary and brutal but you still whant to see more of him...Heath didn't play the role of the Joker...he was the Joker...and you can't do anything else but love him :heart:

I belive you need to see this movie at least two times to not miss anything...the first time you just try to follow the story and you don't get the chance to appreciate all the scenes and the jokes. It was the same with Batman Begins.

Even if your not a Batman-fan youy should really go and see this not for the great movie so at least to see Heath's unbeliveble performance!!! He is a genius, and unfortunally we wont see anymore movies from him, something that you really realize once you have walked out from the cinema...

So here's a little tribute to Heath and his brilliant Joker!

2 hours in photoshop elements
the joker belongs to the creators of Batman, and The Dark Knight, and not to me.

You are not allowed to use any of my work without my, Lisa Magnusson’s, permission.
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