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Graph Paper

A high res scan of some graph paper. enjoy!
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thank you for sharing :)
Hi,  I'd like to use your graph paper in a children's book called, "Five Nights at Freddy Freddy's Files.  We will credit you for the images.  This will be for world, all languages, all media, for life of project. I will credit your image.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.  
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 Super love your work..Love it.
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I am getting this for your new notebook text tutorial.. thanks...
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this is excellent, thanks!
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thank you! its perfect
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Thanks you just saved my butt I left my graph paper at school and need it for sci
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This is one BEAUTIFUL sheet of graph paper! I think I'll use it for my Calculus! Thanks! :D
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Thank you so much! :)
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thank you, for you help
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yes this is good. thank you!
thank you very much i like this
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Thanks. I used it for a poster background. I think it worked well :-)
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Talk about taken for granted
good graph paper is so hard to find.

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thank u!!! not sure when I'll use this but awesome resource!
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Thank you for making this!
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Much appreciated :)
Needed it for a project
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