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Colourful Callum

I was inspired by my chosen artists, ~Clarae19, and *greno89 for this piece.
My model was my youngest nephew, Callum. :) x

It's not complete, but this was a hell of a lot of fun to paint! :heart:

I want to start selling my paintings.
How much would you be willing to pay for a piece like this?

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300 gsm, acid free Watercolour paper
Watercolour Paint
White gel Pen

Work © *Ravyre
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Even though it's 2016, this is a really mesmerizing piece! Very creative use of color blending!
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wonderful colors! =)
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Thank you kindly! :heart:
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Thank you so very much~ >w<
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this is very beautiful :) xx
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The colours and the way this eyes look at you is amazing... :la:
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I am so glad you think so! :la:
Thank you very much! :lol: :heart:
Your kind words mean a lot to me! :dummy:
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it's so nice ,, really good job ! :iconclapplz:
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Thank you so very very much! :iconsuperheroglompplz:
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Psycho? xD Haha.
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This is... amazing ._.
It should definitely be for sale .3.
And you should make more.
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Thank you so much! :heart:
I am in the process of making more, or at least try and experiment with different mediums. xD
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:clap: the eyes are so hypnotic and the colours just stand out and look so raw, in a way. Beautifully done. :clap:
Depending on how big is this and how long did it take to paint? it will help to judge pricing. but at face value, I'd pay $35-$60 AUSD, since you're in england its probably quite little compared to the pound.
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Thank you so very much! :la:
This particular piece is less than A4 in size, because I chopped off the mouth with a guillotine because I didn't think it looked right. xD
It's taken a few hours because I added marker in places to touch up on some areas.
AUSD is Australian US Dollars, right? Are they different from regular USD? xD Because I'm only confident in conversion from the dollar to the pound and vice versa. I'm not even sure on conversion to the Euro. xD Haha. :)
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You're very welcome.:D
I see, it's quite small, but you did take lots of time on it. AUSD means the Australian Dollar. I'd still pay $35-$60, Australian Dollars - probably more because the pound is really strong. Because $60 Australian is only 38.40 pounds. :(
But yeah, its amazing. :clap:
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Hello Ravyre. I like this piece and usually when I see a piece where just the eyes are painted it is boring.I like the fact that you included the nose.It seems as if all the raw color around the eyes and nose come together to form them.Well done! As for selling your work that is tricky and the tricky part is pricing and finding the buyer. I use to keep a log of how long it took to paint the pieceand quit when I realized would never get what I put into it. I don,t know where you reside but a lot of your pricing is going to depend upon what local artists are selling their work for.What is the size of the piece? and Are you just starting out?Also the piece needs to be framed and made ready to hang. When people buy artwork they usually have a place picked out by the time they get home and are eager to hang it.I would say that you could probably sell it for anywhere between 50.00-100.00. I would start by asking for 125.00 however to allow for sme negotiation . Also remember to start looking into local art festivals and get involved with the local arts council as well. I hope this helps
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Thank you so very much for your kind comment! :heart:
There was originally going to be a mouth, however it didn't turn out white as I liked it, so I chopped it off with a guillotine. xD

I live in Cornwall which is in England. There is a massive artist industry down here. Bigger than anywhere else in the country! We have so many galleries it's honestly unbelievable!

This piece is slightly smaller than A4, due to the fact I cut the mouth off. The mouth was only on the very bottom, only the top lip would have been visible.
I am in fact starting out. I'm 17 years of age, and haven't yet left college.
I visited a gallery a few weeks ago, and he did inform me that I will have to pay and frame the piece myself, which I wasn't aware of. I thought the piece was framed by the buyer. xD

£125. Wow! That's quite a lot, more than anyone has recommended so far. The owner of the gallery I saw told me to take into consideration the percentage that will be taken off when pricing art work, but because I didn't take any of my work with me, he couldn't give me his opinion.

I am really very grateful for your input! :heart:
Thank you every so much for taking the time to type all that. You are very kind!
I will definitely keep and eye out for art festivals and local opportunities!
Thank you, thank you! :heart: :hug:
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Hey Ravyre, I am glad that my reply was somewhat helpful. I just find it so encouraging that someone your age is considering pursuing art as a career.I have been doing this for years and it can get rough but I have never found anything as rewarding and I am sure you will find the same. I can tell you one thing more that may help and that would be never close yourself to new ideas and as an artist you never stop learning about new styles and techniques. If you have any questions I would be happy to help and if I run across anything that may help I will send it along.
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Sorry that this reply is well over a month late. I'm studying Art, Photography, Philosophy and Ethics at school, so my free time is limited.
I haven't forgotten your first message to me, and was recently talking to my tutor at school about the future, he said he's going to get the school's career advisor to give me a hand in looking for art related jobs and opportunities locally. :)
I also took your praise about including the nose in this piece, and have tried my absolute hardest in making that shine through with the rest of my art unit for this year. (Full portrait watercolour pieces in this style)

Thank you once again for you your help! :D
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Great. Depending in the size, maybe £15 wouldn't be too much. But I don't buy many watercolours so I can't say for sure
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With the price of my materials and length of time it took to make, I think £15 sounds pretty nice! :D Definitely wouldn't be putting myself out of pocket. xD
Only issue now is, where to go to sell these paintings? xDD Haha. :)
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