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Redemption - Vol. 1 cover

Redemption - Volume 1

Redemption is a piece of FF7 Compilation fan work which takes place shortly after Dirge of Cerberus. Although I don't yet even have all of the details planned, Redemption's focus will be the one thing which I feel Vincent Valentine has still left unresolved: helping Lucrecia find her peace as well.

Vincent and Lucrecia are my favorite characters ever and I look forward to expressing them in a way that I hope will do justice to all the reasons why I adore them. ^_^ All characters, places, etc. are, of course, ©Square-Enix though. I'd suggest that you either play/watch or familiarize yourself with Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, and Final Fantasy VII if you intend to read/follow Redemption.

If you are not familiar with Final Fantasy VII and still wish to follow along, proceed to the introduction, where I've done my best to recap the stuff relevant to this story: 
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If you are familiar with Final Fantasy VII, congrats, you may collect $200 and pass "Go":
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Please fullview all my manga pages. The early ones are 500x750 and the later ones are 600x840, so they're not huge. Should you fail to fullview, rabid monkeys will eat you in your sleep. Thank you.

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Awesome! Love the reflection in Vincent's eyes!
RavynneNevyrmore's avatar
Thanks. His face looks so strange when I look ta him now because I draw him totally different, but I still like the reflection because it's all you can see of the setting sun that's lighting everything (such as my building block buildings, lol).

I was so proud of this when I did it but now it just looks silly to me. That's how progress goes, I guess, and that's a good sign. Maybe when I finish the whole thing I'll go back and redo this image just to see how much I can improve it. =) This story has definitely been some good practice.
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I can see the difference in the styles and I think you are right that this is a good showcases of your progression as an artist, but I am REALLY enjoying this and can't wait to see where it goes!