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October 30, 2008
Pony Ride by ~Ravven78 as the photographer herself puts it "[this photo] seems to sum up two entirely different approaches to life." Got to love it.
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Pony Ride

This quick snap at a ponyride in Los Angeles has always been one of my favourites. It seems to sum up two entirely different approaches to life.
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aeonsonance's avatar
Hilarious! Great shot :D
TheYawningHorse's avatar
I have viewed this photo on numerous occasions and I could almost write a book by now on all of the symbols, their relationships, and what they mean by this point =D Such an awesome photograph, its composition makes the message so strong =D
RavvenArt's avatar
lol, I know what you mean. Not only the obvious contrast between the boy and the girl, but things like the cruelty inherent in parents forcing their terrified kids to be strapped to the ponies. "You're having a great time, Johnny! Smile for the video!" "Waaaaaaaaah!" There's expression on the faces of the bored, irritated ponies as well.
phatpuppy's avatar
You've been featured in my journal!! :)
:heart: :hug:

good time, good moment, good expression.
existentialdefiance's avatar
Your photograph has been featured in my journal
Existential Refinement Vol.30 [link]
cookiekurama's avatar
HAHAHA XD That's awesome...You have great timing. :)
kaki42's avatar
Omg this is so wonderful.
And your right, it does show the two different ways people approch life. i love it ^^
IzabelaMilczarek's avatar
excellent catch of moment, so many emotions :clap: :)
Felix-Oflynn's avatar
I really like how the two kids reactions are so very different. It really is amazing how a picture can say so much.
SparklinBurgndy's avatar
This is one of those pictures that truly is worth a thousand words.
cha-ohs's avatar
oh that poor little boy on the right.

i think the kid on the left thinks he's an airplane....
Yepo's avatar
Me parece encantadora la foto, te quedo genial.
Pretty nice picture, nice job.
jazzylemonade's avatar
what a lucky shot! it's PERFECT! i love it!
LavaLizard's avatar
Hahaha it reminds me of me VS my brother...
Unfortunately for me, I'd be the kid on the right T_T
heartco's avatar
Yep, like you said, the two outlooks on life (or approaches to) Jsut awesome! :)
honeypot's avatar
"Look! No hands!!"
"I want my MOMMYYYY!!!"

hehe lol Great capture!! Really great expression!
Lokattan's avatar
Pricelss. Clearly one of the best photos I've seen in my life.
ereyes's avatar
You're right -- this picture does represent two personalities of life. You either go with the flow or cry like a baby whenever something unknown or unexpected happens. :+favlove:
demeternorbi's avatar
Congratulations on snapping this at the right moment, the composition is great. The message is great too, it made me smile
Funundrum's avatar
I would cry too. A horse left superman crippled, that all scares me.
BlackWolf-Studio's avatar
Great capture.

Specially I like the different expressions of the children. :D
Tode's avatar
Funny pic, even if it wasn't funny for this poor kid... :aww:
cyrylski's avatar
whoaa! great shot man!
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