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GW2 Necromancer

I didn't have any "proper" work to do today, so I did a portrait of my Guild Wars 2 necromancer. She still needs work, but I think that's all the time I have to fritter away today. :)

Can you tell that I'm anxious for this game to come out?
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After reading this guide, I started playing this class. For me it was a very good choice. I enjoy playing it very much.

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Wau that face :O It looks just like in game (and its my favourite) Really awesome work o.O
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Exactly like my Necro looked at the start :3
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awesome character and amazing job! love your lighting!
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I love the colours!
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beautifully done! :nod:
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it would be nice to see a version of this without the concept artwork images taken straight from the game, like if you just drew it yourself.
I like the colours you have used, but the anatomy of the hips, legs and feet could use a bit of work. great effort though
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This drawing is my favourite one, but all your gallery is really good and want to congratulate you for your art.
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The blood fiend doesn't really look meaty and bloody enough :V
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pls pls plssssssss make a 1920x1080 wallpaper of this pls
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She looks like my necro! :D The eyes are different though :P Amazing work :clap:
This is what i call a photo montage. Belly, feet and skirt are for sure taken from "real" pictures - partly bad included. Compare her belly to her shoulders and you will get an idea, of how the most of Ravven's pictures were created.

Sorry for my criticism, but that's no art - that's patchwork.
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amazing. i play as a necromancer too, so seeing work like this really makes me giggle ;B
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Incredible. I love it.
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amazing ! :D
i just love it
would you be able to do my necro? :D
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Unspeakably deleightful
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She looks amazing
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those minions (i wrote that first time..., i was mistaken XD didnt even see he lil bugger down there)
anyway, those minons are really nice, and the necro herself, beautifull!,
well done!! :D,
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Drawn like a boss
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