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Deshou VS

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Published: August 21, 2013
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Latest Update on 14 September 2013

Deshou for Windows 7. Part of the Deshou composition.

Deshou VS is aimed at minimalism, pixels, and adaption. It is highly stripped of borders and colours to give a focus on text and content instead of the frame in which it is held. It uses the bitmap font HaxrCorp S8 throughout and uses straight edges to follow a neat grid. Additionally, Deshou VS is made to not take the foreground of your system - the simple grey colour scheme will not detract from your wallpaper or your media.

This has been designed in Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. I have done Vista support, although I have not been able to test it because I do not have Vista. Do not forget to use Universal Theme Patcher to allow Windows to use third-party visual styles.

Inspiration for Deshou VS came from [S]uite by ~Dwx50. I recommend using his True Transparency theme (it is not too far off from what the frames in this visual style look like, albeit the borders and glyph colours).

Included are the visual style, start orbs, task panes, navigation buttons, and necessary fonts. I recommend using the respective tools by =Kishan-Bagaria to replace the necessary resources. Look up how to use these if you do not know how. If you wish to enable the folder band, enable the explorer bar, or use a small taskbar, use the alternative shellstyle.dll or *.msstyles included, respectively.

If you are wondering, the image viewer is QuickView by ~Jundai and the Minecraft texture pack is Isabella II.

For those who would rather edit the base style themselves...

To enable the folder band...
Using Resource Hacker, remove this line from "UIFILE > 1 > 1033" in shellstyle.dll: <Element padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-28rp)">

To enable the explorer bar...
Using Style Builder, navigate to "Toolbars, Headers and Rebar > Rebar > NavBar > Basic > Base > Band" in the *.msstyles and set "CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS" to "0, 0, -3, -2".

To completely replace Segoe UI with HaxrCorp S8, you'll need to edit the FontSubstitues and Fonts keys in "HKLM > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version" via Regedit. In doing so, replace all but Times New Roman, Courier New, and Arial with HaxrCorp S8 in the FontSubstitutes key. Then, delete the values in the strings for the files of the Segoe UI fonts in the Fonts key.

If you use a display language with a non-Latin or East Asian script, this visual style may not work inherently. HaxrCorp S8 is a Windows Resource Font, and, as such, cannot support Unicode in its entirety. To resolve this, do the same as above, except add a string in FontSubstitutes to replace HaxrCorp S8 with the font of your choice. Also, delete the value for the file of HaxrCorp S8 in the Fonts key.

Also in the Deshou composition...
_ Deshou STEAM
_ Deshou VS
_ Deshou ICON

C H A N G E L O G _

14 September 2013
- fixed inconsistencies
- removed rounded corners
- changed caption buttons

23 August 2013
- fixed navigation frame transparency issue
- changed address bar colour

22 August 2013
- added alternative files for small taskbar, folder band, and explorer bar
- added start orb for small taskbar
- fixed indeterminate progress overlay
- fixed basic small close glyph alignment
- added Blank font

21 August 2013
- initial release
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How do you install this with uxstyle.. LOL
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Musica-SaitoHobbyist Writer
I really like the theme, things seem to be working well, save for some text in various menus not showing up properly. In some case, I need to mouse over line of text to get them to appear or click on a field to have it show. Configuring foobar was nearly impossible because so many of the fields were hidden that I couldn't find half of what I needed to modify. In the example image, a control panel link does not show for some reason, but it is still clickable.

Ravmunken's avatar
RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
That's a bug that happens in many minimal Windows themes, just like the menu bar glitch.  It probably has to do with the low gamut of colours and certain properties somehow conflicting when they are the same.  As I use a colour range of 3 greys and 1 pink in my theme, it is likely most susceptible to the bug.  It doesn't occur for me on that menu, however.
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Thanks for the beautiful theme! Great minimal design. +Fav!

Those wanting this for Windows 8... should downgrade, Win8 is made for Tablets, Microsoft is pretty dumb. XD
someplacehopeful's avatar
This VS looks absolutely amazing, would you ever consider making a version for Windows 8?
Ravmunken's avatar
RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
I might and probably will if I ever come across something running Windows 8.
Huku9H1F's avatar
Not a Windows 7 user, but this theme looks great!
dzgnproject's avatar
aaaa i love it
thank you
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Hi Ravmunken! Thanks for creating such an amazing VS!

However, I'm having one nitpicky problem shown in this image:

Do you happen to know how i could get rid of the white highlights on the text in that run window? I'm thinking it would be a variable in regedit.
Ravmunken's avatar
RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
I've spent a lot of time looking for the solution.  There is a stylehack that supposedly formats it to work correctly, but it did nothing for me.  virtualcustoms.deviantart.com/…

If you can get it to work, please do share your success.
rudolrandie's avatar
Unfortunately I couldn't get the stylehack to work properly and I have a question about another issue.

Is it possible to disable the theme on a specific app? This theme makes certain apps look awful and even unusable in some cases with the gray text box backgrounds.
Ravmunken's avatar
RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
If the program was made to only partially use the visual style in conjunction with its own elements without any skinning options then it probably won't look good with any VS that isn't close to the default Aero look.
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Is there a way to enable the flashing notification in the taskbar ?
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RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
I believe you'd need to change the colour of the bitmaps in TaskBand > FlashButton and FlashButtonGroupMenu.
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Would you know what the bmp number this is for these 2?
Ravmunken's avatar
RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
Looks like 905 and 904.
aoguy1989's avatar
Awesome, thank you. Absolutely love this VS and the Steam skin you made ^^
kentheperson's avatar
Great theme, but I'm having issues with the start orb/ navigation buttons and invisible text when using the theme.
When I'm using the standard Aero theme the buttons work fine.
Any idea where I'm going wrong?

Ravmunken's avatar
RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
It would appear that you are in Aero Basic mode.  I don't know if you intended that, but it may be a part of the problem.
OoaJenga's avatar
I've been running the vs for quite a while now with the same problem, it also occured with one other theme a while ago (can't remember which it was, but that means it isn't a problem with the theme right?). I've applied and crosschecked all system files included with the icons pack, tried to force enable aero through registry aswell.
It really is a great theme however my inner ocd is really getting to me with this.
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RavmunkenHobbyist Interface Designer
I believe this can happen if you don't fully patch your system with UxStyle, but I can't think of another reason asides from broken system .DLLs.
OoaJenga's avatar
you're a genius... i must've accidentally restored back through the time i patched the files or the sp1 update screwed with them. Anyway it works now and looks beautiful!
kentheperson's avatar
Really nice theme, but I'm having issues with the start orb/nav buttons and missing text.
both the start/ nav buttons work in the aero theme, but dissapear when I use the Deshou theme
Any ideas?
Iwannamodmydesktop's avatar
But, it looks amazing so far, I love it.

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