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Eye of the Tiger

By Ravinss
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This is a picture of the first tiger we saw at Jim Corbett National Park. It was on the second day we got there. It was actually just a little bit off to the side of the road... and man! the crowd of safari vehicles that gathered around to see it... damn... I thought we were going to get seriously mauled when it got pissed at all the noise and potentially scary things...
we were about 10 or 15 feet when this was taken... there was one vehicle beside us (between us and the tiger) and a whole line of vehicles ahead and behind us... so we were completely blocked in...
This tiger is about 2 years old.
As are all the other tigers I was able to photograph.

Damn color profiles!... this photo was so much more saturated in photoshop and in my camera... it looks so washed out in Firefox :shakefist:
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May 22, 2008, 10:21:58 AM
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its the cream of the fight!
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HOLY SHIT! i would have peed my pants if i was that close... i hate that the net washes images out as well i have to actually make the image more vibrant then i want to make the colors appear they way i want people to see them on here :D
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yeah... I'd heard some pretty freaky stories the previous day about a little girl nearly falling off the elephant when it reared it's legs to fend off a pissed off tiger.
so yeah... I was pretty freaking scared up there...
I'm surprised any of my shots showed up, in spite of my occasionally shaking hands :)

As far as the colors go... I'm just going to start uploading stuff in the profile that works for the web... so I guess before I save it as a jpeg, I'll convert to sRGB and then tweak the colors to them right for the what I know just about everyone is going to see. (except for people with Firefox 3 and the latest Safari :) )
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yeah i think ill pass on the killer animals up close..... :D
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Hehe, it looks a little wide-eyed, like it was very alert and watching what all you people were doing. :D Pretty cat.

The reason you see a large change in your image between here and photoshop is because Firefox is not a color profile-aware application (though the current beta version apparently allows for this). What profile do you shoot with and work with inside photoshop? You should probably convert to sRGB (sometimes a large color shift) or if you calibrate, convert to your calibrated monitor profile (very little change).