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Just decided it was time to go through the entries I have put over the years and clean some out. Some where not near what I can do now, others not my style as of now. 
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I have had several people ask, why my digital designs and traditional artwork so different? I paint calming landscapes and create haunting photoshop work. The answer is simply this, I use one to express one side of me and the the other to express another side of me. All of my art work is an extension of me, yet that does not me they have to stay the same style. I have different parts of me so should my work reflect that? What do you think?
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I posted my new digital painting here on Deviant. It was done in photoshop CS6 and was my first digital humanoid painting. I hope you guys like it and feel free to comment.
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Photoshop is so big, so massive that even being with Photoshop for several years, I am still learning everyday. I am by no means an expert, so for that reason, I continue to push my skills further everyday. How many other here do the same? I suspect many many here on deviant art.

For me, I use a combination of tutorials, blog posts, and pure playing around. Not every piece is going to be a home run, but I feel I am getting closer.
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I created two versions of a new illustration artwork, "American Politics" . Why? Because I ask why do I have to be Republican or democrat? I have yet to really see either party care for America truly, they care whether they have beaten back either the liberals or conservatives. This way of thinking from both sides have stabbed at the heart of America and freedom. I am not bitter nor am I "raging against the system". I am stating a simple fact that the system that was created over 200 hundred years ago may need to be updated so there is clear debates about issues, not the same intense rhetoric that has plagued our country.
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The past week as become a mad dash to get one clients site done by today and another site finished by next week.  
One is a real estate agent site… the other is a re design of Citadel Diamond Group's site. I will have a link up when that one is done.

In other news...

My step son's b-day was last week and had a lot of fun throwing him a party. Things are rocking along so far here so catch everyone on the flip side..
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It's been a little while so here is whats been going on. First I want to say hello to any that are seeing this from coming form my site The design business has been rocking a long pretty good. I have gotten to take on a few illustration pieces  along with the web and graphic design I am doing. My hope is to work on some more artwork to show off what I can do.

TO DA : I am open for commissions.  I do realize there is a lot of great talent around here, so if you happen to choose me, I wont let you down.
List of what I am currently open for :
Logo Design
Concept Design/illustration
Fantasy Artwork
Tattoo Design
Web Design

If you need something that is not on the list, just send me a note.
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Been busy as ever (hence why its been so long since a journal entry). We have moved into a new apartment and I am running Hughbanks Design full time right now. It's more web design and marketing ( I want to take on more illustration work)  but I will take the work that come my way. Been talkng with a gallery in Houston about putting my artwork there. We will see what happens. My site is … yall later!
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Many things have happened since my last entry. I upgrade my domain and website .
I moved back to Houston and graduated with my MFA in Media Design. I am hitting hyper-drive on all fronts with my art and design. If anyone needs anything from illustration to logo design to web design, let me know.
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Sketches uploaded

Tue Nov 24, 2009, 8:09 PM
As I was goignt o upload the line art sketch for a logo I am working on, I noticed I had a lot of drawings and sketches I haven't uploaded through the last couple of years. So here is a few of them. Let me know what you all think.

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Love the new skin

Sat Nov 14, 2009, 9:34 PM
thanks for the skin. I definitely plan on seeing the movie

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after giving it some thought and working on another account for someone else. I have now delved into the world of twitter
Freelance company page
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Thought I would let everybody know that there has been some updates to my website. If it has been a while since you have been there, go back. There has been quite of bit of changes. Background, format and work.
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Hey I got some new work up.. finally. I admit I did use some tutorials but I do not fully copy the tutorial. I incoperate it into my own design. I feel if you just straight copy a tutorial, your not learning how to adjust it to your style. I am also now on FACEBOOK. just look for Chris Hughbanks. For some reason it has me as San Degio on a search for me (grrr)
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I am glad to see so many people liked the first brushes I put up. I have been quite busy creating a new site for my graphics portfolio and pushing my time learning more about CS4 programs that I havent been able to post new work or brushes. I will though. I have found DA to be a great resourse on my career that I want to give back and promote the idea of sharing.
Stay tuned for those new brush packs and works
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I come oringonally from texas where the battle cry was " remember the alamo!" I am from the US, and today I say with thousands others "remember 9/11!" not as a war cry, but for those who die in the attack, and importantly for those you died saving others.
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It came to my attention that the website I created had some browser issues. I am pleased to present the new interface. It has only a few differences on the site but what was done has made the site browser friendly to firefox and safari.
also I want to thank everyone that has push me over the 2000 page view mark. I have started to make some wonderfull friends here and hope to keep making new ones
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well it might have turned out to be a bad thing ( unloading my camera). Now the lens goes in and out when the power is truned on then it shuts down. Looks like I will have to invest in a new camera
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Well as anyone can tell, I have finally unloaded my digital camera. I take shot for the fun of them, a sort of way to relax from the other creative stuff I do and who knows, my go back and do some acrylic paintings of some of them or ad some fantasy work to them. If any one wants to use my shots, I dont mind just do me a fav and put a link to me in the credits.
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My new websites is  It combines some work from here with some ad work I have done
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