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Little Jynx by ravinniaofcreed Little Jynx :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 2 The Old Biddy Nom Nom Nommin' on Grass by ravinniaofcreed The Old Biddy Nom Nom Nommin' on Grass :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 2 Chillaxin' with the Old Biddy by ravinniaofcreed Chillaxin' with the Old Biddy :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 3
To the World
To the world,
Let my words be heard on this night.
I do not want to revel in material delight,
I just wish for those less fortunate than myself to be happy come morning's light.
To the world,
I care not for jewels and silver, and platinum, or gold.
All that I wish, for those who are young and those who are old,
Is that they have shelter from the fierce, bitter, cold.
To the world,
I do not want to wake and see presents under a decorated tree,
I would rather know that the homeless children are in safe company,
Rather than shivering, huddled close, in a filthy and forgotten alley.
To the world,
I know you may not believe me because I am so young...
But I can see where society's "garbage" is flung...
I think it is the fortunate ones who should be treated like dung
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 2 4
Little Nelinde by ravinniaofcreed Little Nelinde :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 2
This Is The Life
I rise this morn,
I can't hear their scorn.
I am safe inside my home.
Those wretched halls I don't have to roam.
I can sleep in.
It feels like a win.
I can watch tv while I work,
Not fearing torment from a jerk.
I can take breaks when they're good for me.
Man it is good to finally be free!
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 2
Another Battle Won!
Today is done!
I have won,
This battle of a day!
I had an early start
But now with my work I can part!
So much to do
I need a crew
To help me get it all done
before the setting of the next day's sun.
But I am sure,
That the cure,
For my awful stress
Is to get away from my awful homework mess.
I shall do everything I can to get a good night's rest.
Tomorrow I am certain, that I will do my best!
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 0 6
Dear Every Anime I Have Seen....
Dear every anime I have seen,
I cry when you go off my screen.
Why did you have to end!?
Why did you have to go...?
You all were my favorite show...
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 0 2
Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Lazy Sunday afternoon,
I hope that I will see you soon.
Curled up on the couch, snugly,
Watching shows on my TV.
Eating sweets and drinking tea,
That is where I want to be.
Lazy Sunday Afternoon,
I hope that you come real soon.
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 0 0
The Stress of Being A Slacker
    Frazzled, frustrated, I want to scream!
If I continue this way I'll never reach my dream!
Sleeping all day then saying up all night,
It is my never ending fight!
I cannot get any work done!
I cannot take any time for fun!
I rush and rush to get things turned in,
My I feel like this is a sin!
The guilt of being lazy,
It makes my conscience crazy!
I can't seem to get myself out of this rut!
All of my notes I just want to cut!
I am a mess!
From this stress!
I need to get things straight!
Before my life I do thoroughly hate!
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 4 7
Cultist Mask by ravinniaofcreed Cultist Mask :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 2 Juneau by ravinniaofcreed Juneau :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 3
Confessions of a King
Confessions of a King
    Maric sat on his throne, his eyes anguished, as he received the news of his dear Queen Nala’s passing. Maric was a strong, sure man and always had been, but now… doubt and sorrow was clearly written on his wrinkled, weathered face. His pale green eyes were brimming with tears. He clenched his large hands into fists and dismissed the priests. He bellowed with rage, got to his feet, and flipped his throne onto its side. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in his hands. He wept bitterly and cursed his own name,begging God to damn him to Hell.
He heard light, hesitant footsteps approaching.
    “M’lord…” he heard his late wife’s maid say, “The baby survived.”
    Maric looked at the beautiful maid, whom he was romantically involved with during his youth.  Her red hair was a mess and her gray eyes were tired and sad. In her arms was a tiny newborn, swaddled in a green blanket. The child had thick, dark
:iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 2 0
Takashi Morinozuka by ravinniaofcreed Takashi Morinozuka :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 0 Pixel Girl by ravinniaofcreed Pixel Girl :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 1 0 Tomato On Windowsill by ravinniaofcreed Tomato On Windowsill :iconravinniaofcreed:ravinniaofcreed 0 0

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i am the abused
I am the kicked.
I am the punched.
I am the stabbed.
I am the healed.
I am the victim.
I am the savior.
I am the demon.
I am the angel.
I am the injured.
I am the scarred.
I am the pure.
I am the dark.
I am the light.
I am the broken.
I am the mute.
I am the blind.
I am the disabled.
I am the deaf.
I am the lie.
I am the truth.
I am the glutton.
I am the lust.
I am the greed.
I am the envy.
I am the wrath.
I am the sloth.
I am the pride.
I am the void.
We are the victims.
We are the abused.
We are the unseen.
We are the unheard.
We are the forgotten.
We are the used.
We are the unimportant.
We are the invisible ones.
I am the weak.
I am the strong.
I am the willful.
I am the spiritless.
I am the hope.
I am the light.
I am the child.
I am the happy.
I am the princess.
They are the dragon.
You are the prince.
They are the tower.
I am the strangled.
I am the mangled.
I am the mutilated.
I am the murdered.
I am the hanged.
They are the judges.
I am the defendant.
I am the guilty.
They are
:iconmothquake:mothquake 818 560
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Hey guys.
I made a new account a while  ago. Again. It's I am gonna post some of  my stuff from here on that account. I don't use this account anymore.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a sickly, socially-awkward girl who falls into several social stereotypes. I consider myself in the miscellaneous category because of that. I have two best friends, :iconnelinde: and :iconcrunchylanterns:
I have a little sister and mother who I adore and an old perverted dog who knows how to get to second base on command.
I aspire to become a college professor who teaches something in the category of Japanese Culture or History, or maybe a museum worker or translator or something in that field. Anime is fueling the rest of my life! Should I be worried...? xD



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