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surviving winter

By Ravietta
Your favourite baby witch hobo is back and kickin'. With frozen kneecaps.

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Dayummmmm, gurl. I haven’t looked at devinatart foreverrrr and I come back and you’re like BAM, improved so much!!!! <3 <3 <3
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dab dayum right 
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Oh man, not even pants?! Poor kiddo!
Aleximee's avatar
whow, it's beautiful !!!
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
All your pieces are so astonishing, I love every single one of them!
The way you use colours and draw characters is nothing short of amazing! :heart:
SkyPotatoFire's avatar
Beautiful background. 
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Is your baby hobo inviting the birds inside her nest or the other way around? ^^ sharing!!
So pretty an emotional Ravi!
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I think they are about to crash at badger's.
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I can’t imagine how she’s staying warm in that weather! It’s gotta be somewhere around minus something!
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I really like this :o (Eek) great job!! You can really get a sense for the story behind the image :D 
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That looks horrible cold! But she seems to possess fore magic of some sort? 
Ravietta's avatar
lots of sinister magics
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would love to hear a background story to this Heart 
Beautiful saddening !
DigitalRippleARTs's avatar
I like your animations a lot that I imagined this with some animated elements. 

Just having the flame and the snow animated would make this piece look even more amazing! :D
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that would be marvelous!
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neat! full on Imbolc! beautiful and peaceful. 
GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar
I love the contrast between how cold the snow looks and the warm colors of the character :D Nice job!
I wouldnt push her out of my bed.
Ravietta's avatar
warm socks would suffice
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