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my bubbles


Okay, I've got to admit. Giving a flying character who can manipulate the air that kind of outfit feels like a suicide now that I had to draw a pose and manage to cover all the... parts... with a loincloth. (YES I HAD TO)
Pants and short hair win on the battlefield.

With this piece I finish the bubble edition and with a light heart can return to my duties.


bubbles bubbles by Raviettabubbles by Raviettamore bubbles by Raviettaall of them bubbles by Ravietta

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She's a literal breath of fresh air. <3
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cool art, and respect to Witch, even as someone who wasn't interested and rather used to read PK ^^ (but as they were sort of sister magazines...)
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This looks amazing 
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I love W.I.T.C.H. so much! I wish more people knew about it.
o my i have not seethose guys in a whlieRage Love 
the W.i.t.c.h. so instotalgic
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I remember this show!!!!
This art is so beautiful!
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ompf, haven't seen one of them drawn from a Fan since months. It's awesome <`3.
Who's your favorite W.i.t.c.h. ?
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I simply adored Irma c:
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OMG It's so nice to see my childhood comic characters!! They're so great! So many memories... I just loved them all.
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Hay crush in my teenaged years. However, I still think she look cute! Nice work adn great ilustration!
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it was a good idea to give her those longer socks/tights in the TV show... the shorter socks combined with the loincloth in the comics always made me itchy :iconbunnylazeplz:

but, y'know, I guess Hay Lin is very free lol Wink/Razz 
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Ahh absolutely adore this picture of Hay Lin!!!! :happybounce:
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Waaaaah! Hay Lin! ^^
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I really like the whole set of the cast, but she was always my favorite Great colors!
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My second fave 8D
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Great work, I love the coloring and the posing!~ :heart:
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The whole series of "Bubbles" is adorable, composition, poses and everything, just perfect!
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Hay Lin looks so adorable here! 
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I started readings mine from season one again a few weeks ago..... love to see those girls again :) 
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Really awesome!!!!
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