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Minerva McGonagall

By Ravietta
1935 - present.
Currently Headmistress of Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall was awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, for her unwavering allegiance to the Order of Phoenix. A well known hatstall.
You can see the process for this animation on my Instagram…

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Seamless animation! Favorited :+fav:

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This is so amazing!!!

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For one thing, they haven't made collectible wizard cards in the movies since the first.

Another, What would make her be on a cards, be strict and sour, not to mention a second Dumbedore?
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why do you hate fun
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It's not me who hates fun. It's Adults, parents, teachers, business people(primarily men) and all others. 
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OMG these are AWESOME!!!
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Wow, this is amazing! :love:
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I love that the card itself has subtle variations in line weight-- particularly along the edge-- to give the appearance of depth.  And of course, McGonagall herself is drawn spectacularly.  These are fantastic <3
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AHHH my inner harry potter nerd is screaming I want this- like I wish I could hold this in my hand and still do the animation effect this is awesome
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Hagrid is my top favorite character in the Harry Potter series.

Luna is my favorite student.

And McGonagall here is my favorite teacher. :heart:

She's what I want a teacher to be. Intelligent, strong, reasonable, strict, and fair. She's so strict and fair in fact, she does not hesitate to remove points from her own house if students break rules. And she wouldn't just randomly add points only so Girffindor can win all the time, either. Am I right, Dumbledore?
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POTTTER -'Malfoy, every single goddamn time

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Ohmygod I love it!! Definitely how I pictured McGonagall :love:
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I love these so much. They're so cool! ;o;
Awesome Animation
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Man this stuff is gogerous!!! 4 pictures meshing so beautifully~
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McGonagall! Hell yeah! It's crazy how much these chocolate frog animations look like 3D models. Amazing work :)

Rendou-Animated's avatar
Are animated previews back omg
also this is amazing, such skill in a head turn 😭
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Ohhh! :D Any plans to take commissions in this style?
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I'm considering it, but if I do I will be very picky as to which characters I'll be willing to animate. 
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