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La Zingara

I've had a bit of a Disney night with The-Ez, which wasn't exactly night, but, you know. Nostalgia!
And I've always thought Esmeralda was the most badass of them all. Just look at them bewbs!

And it was super fun to paint the background, even though it was quite a challenge. They had them backgrounds so detailed!
*glares at the cobblestone*

Done with Adobe Photoshop CS6

More Esme:

Dark fire by Ravietta
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It's always great to see art of her.

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Aladdin would be proud of Esme.
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this movie was the first animated thing to get goats right for a very long time
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This is the best frickin' thing I've seen all day, and I've seen some good stuff today, so.... yeah, awesome work.
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This is amazing. It really looks like official Disney art. Beautiful! :meow:
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Instant nostalgia the moment I saw this <3 You're very talented to pen the scene so well. Just how I remember it.
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Good work :) very cool art.
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Hey, are there any Romani deviants on this site?
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Wow, this is actually gorgeous, why aren't you working with Disney?!
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This is gorgeous!
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"Fear me,i'm a goat with a ear ring!"
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She is beautiful! I've always loved gypsies and there clothes! And she is one of my favorite Disney princesses! You did wonderful!
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Is Incredible!!
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Wow, Esmerelda is my favourite Disney character and you have done a beautiful rendition of her. I saw this and my first thought was that the quality was so high it could have been lifted straight from the movie. My second thought was favourite and watch! Look forward to seeing future works! Well done :)
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Better than the movie
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