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Species created by Ravica
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Basic Info
They may be small but they are ankle bitingly dangerous!
Wilderpugs have big and brave hearts and are not afraid of attacking people or wild beast tripple their own size.
The only thing Wilderpugs really fear is water and flying.

Wilderpugs make excellent companions for horses as well as humans if you bond with them as pups.
And in this role they are perfect guard dogs and very loyal.
They will however remain wary of strangers and have a strong will of their own.

Wilderpugs do not pocess any magic abilities except great resistence to fire.

Way of Life
Wilderpugs prefer to live in the outskirts of forests or in very bushy areas.
The dig small caves if the dirt is loose enough, often under the roots of large trees.
In some cases they take over existing caves from other critters and chase out the resident.

Wilderpugs are mostly active during early mornings and early evenings, where they prefer to hunt.
On warm days they prefer to sleep belly up in the shade and nights are spend in their caves.

They prey on small critters such as mice, squerrels and can even feed on larger insects and plant roots if prey is scarse.

Wilderpugs breed only ONCE in their life.
Females will get a litter of 1-3 pups.
Colors of pups are often resembling one of the parents or is a mix of both.
The female is very caring of her pups and may be aggressive while nursing.
Some Wilderpugs remain partners for life in which case the male help caring for pups.

These critters are mostly meant to be used as companions or wild critters of The11Kingdoms.
You can join this RP group if you own design of the breeds Ravakins, Sibrano or TundraPonies.
These critters are excellent companions for horses and can become friendly toward humans to some degree if captured at a young age.

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