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Battleship Yamato colored

Yamato, named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, was the lead ship of the Yamato class of battleships that served with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. She and her sister ship, Musashi, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 18.1 inch main guns. Neither, however, survived the war.

Laid down in 1937 and formally commissioned a week after the Pearl Harbor attack in late 1941, Yamato was designed to counter the numerically superior battleship fleet of the United States, Japan's main rival in the Pacific. Throughout 1942 she served as the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet, and in June 1942 Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto directed the fleet from her bridge during the disastrous Battle of Midway. Musashi took over as the Combined Fleet flagship in early 1943, and Yamato spent the rest of the year, and much of 1944, moving between the major Japanese naval bases of Truk and Kure in response to American threats. Although she was present at the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944, Yamato played no part in the battle. The only time she fired her main guns at enemy surface targets was in October 1944, when she was sent to engage American forces invading the Philippines during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

During 1944 the balance of naval power in the Pacific decisively turned against Japan and, by early 1945, the Japanese fleet was much depleted and critically short of fuel stocks in the home islands, limiting its usefulness. In April 1945, in a desperate attempt to slow the Allied advance, Yamato was dispatched on a one way voyage to Okinawa, where it was intended that she should protect the island from invasion and fight until destroyed. Her task force was spotted south of Kyushu by US submarines and aircraft, and on 7 April she was sunk by American carrier based bombers and torpedo bombers. One of the two bow magazines detonated in a tremendous explosion. The resulting mushroom cloud 'over 3.7 miles high' was seen 99 miles away on Kyūshū. Yamato sank rapidly, losing an estimated 3,055 of her 3,332 crew.


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I see this ship, or any ship that sunk, this ship in particular is the one I'm the most saddened about... how its sitting at the bottom of the ocean rusting away and broken apart, how much firepower it had, its story... words cannot describe it but i cry every time I see a ship at the bottom of the sea...
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She was the largest, but was no match for the massive power of the US Carrier air-power. :salute:
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The most potentially destructive ship in the Japanese Empire was no match for hundreds of fighters and bombers suddenly surrounding and blowing it to shit.
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No it wasn't, air power trumps over battleships. :nod:
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Three ships that learned that in the hardest way possible:
-And the Terror of the Sea, Bismark
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Yes that's right. :nod:
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Fantastic! The Yamato was a beautiful ship!
I hope this is not asking you to give away secrets of technique, but how do you color an image like this. Is there a computer program that assists you. Of course I understand if you can not comment. The image looks to me as if someone was taking an official photograph with color film. Wonderful stuff!
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I'd be happy to tell you if you're still interested. I know this comment is from February, but I am a colourist.

Example of my work is here, if that's what you speak of:
USS South Dakota 
There will never, ever be another ship like her. Yamato is the stuff of legends
If that tank is in World of Tanks, it would simply win by default.

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the most beautiful and most powerful battleships.
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Truly a beautiful and magnificent ship.

For the story of the Yamato's final days, read 'A Glorious Way to Die' by Russell Spurr.
This ship was living proof that Aircraft carriers dominate battleships and is the main factor in the demise of the battleship.

Beautiful ship though, i've always loved battleships. They're like old muscle cars of Navies :)
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Your work has been featured here.[link]
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US need 28 heavy class bombs to sink Yamato. wow
Biggest battleship ever in WWII.
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and 11 torpedoes as well!
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One of the most beautiful battleships ever built, IMO.
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