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Sasusaku wp

The 2 characters are Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. I wanted to make a conception in connection with them.. This wallpaper supposed to show the differences between them. :D
I think Sakura has a nice personality, and she annoys the hell out of Sasuke with her love :XD: (I also like the Inner Sakura, she totally rocks :3)On the other hand, Sasuke-kun is an avenger, and he doesn’t seem to care about things, except his revenge. Well I think they are like day and night, so this idea inspired me. I love opposites in general C:
Sakura’s side is the cheerful and girlish one, and Sasuke’s side is the darker, and boyish one.

They are not my fav pairing in Naruto, but they should be together^^ Please don’t eat me anti-sasusaku fans, it’s just only my opinion.:)
I hope you like this! This picture is a bit simlar to my Day and Night ([link])
Comments and :+fav:s would be awesome! *especialy comments XD*

:pointr:More Naruto themed landscapes::pointr:
:bulletyellow:Naruto wp: [link]
:new:Team 7: [link]

~Brushes: ~anaRasha-stock, ~Lazy-Kakashi, ~KaiPrincess, ~KeepWaiting, `DigitalPhenom,~roman,
~Skyscape: *resurgere
~Haruno Sakura & Uchiha Sasuke © Kishimoto Masashi

Use it on your desktop as you wish, but for layouts and other stuff like that please NOTE me first.

I allow ~Narutard-club ~Naruto-fansarena to post this in its gallery.

:bulletred:Other vectorish wallpapers from me: [link]

Do not post this without my expressed permission.Steal it and DIE! :stab:
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love your pic .. may I save this for my desktop background??
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Oh my gosh that is sooo pwetty! *_*
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Hey, I like the picture, I used it in a music video on youtube, i gave credit to you as well.

Check it out [link]
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WONDERFUL!...yeah that's the word...WONDEFUL!
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this is such a good picture! im not sure how i feel about the pairing yet but this is sooo good
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Wow great job :heart: it's really very nice :aww:
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This is awesome :love: Made it my desktop background!
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ohmygosh, you expressed their personalities and connection and differences PERFECTLY!! =D wonderful piece btw, so pretty and well layed out, I THINK I MAY JUST USE IT! >:U AHA HA HA HA!~ =3=
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This is epic! I love how people do anime wallpaper. Sometimes I want to put this on my bedroom wall. X3
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This is really COOL!!!! cuz, well, I'm a SasuSaku fan....

HOORAY!!!! :D :D

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this is so WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! i love it so much!!!
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nice background ! :D
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the colors are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
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THIS IS PRETTY!!!!:iconadorableplz:
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beautiful, is so beautiful ^^
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wow, this took my breath away at first, it's really great <3
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This is so cool.
This is so amazing, great and BEAUTIFUL!! :D
Did you make this picture?
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