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Clavicula Revisited

(Revised Version from July 06)

Eyes always were a main subject of my work, esp. at the time when I joined this website. This one is, in some ways, an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of my older pieces.

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Dekonstrkt: [link]
What Will Rise: [link]
Translumination IV - Unholy: [link]

Source photos: ~t-gar-stock vs own photos
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Jazzhead's avatar
Really great work
Emeowrald's avatar
That's freaky.
digitalwiz's avatar
Dude, thats jes some freaky shit, that is.:evileye:

Good work though:nod:
Bezzie-Landhog's avatar
Love it, a really great piece!
bellezza-corrutta's avatar
Her body is a display of how harsh and unkind the world has been to her.
The fact that her eyes are no longer there is because she's has seen too much pain and sorrow, and thus rejected the world in order to feel no more...!!!
Past-The-Apathy's avatar
I love the kind of macabre-esc feel it has to it. Very nicely done!
hatefueled's avatar
*shudders* thats insanely creepy!
ryokogirle's avatar
this. caught my eye *pun inteneded* and woah. just....woah

that is the creepiest but most mesmerizing eye i think i've ever come across on an art site. THE VEINS!!!! O_O and the cracked skin. every tiny detail seems so real and it's surreal and just freaky on all sorts of levels.

i love it!
Ayakage's avatar
thats awesome and reaaaaaaally creepy lol i cant stop staring at it. i dont know whether im more creeped out or impressed by it, but either way its awesome!
Dvemor's avatar
Eye manipulations ftw.
That's wicked awesome man. :thumbsup:
lady-atropos's avatar
oh wow this is creepy and cool
bbqchinchilla's avatar
I'm impressed, I will be sure to check up on you more often
somn's avatar
Love the realism here. This is a good manip.
Tevekinhell's avatar
Wow! That looks so amazing!
Dvemor's avatar
That's creepy. Well done :thumbsup:
NervemberBliss's avatar
i love this. the texture and colors are brilliant. :+fav:
czaren's avatar
theworldisbeautiful's avatar
Wow, this is GREAT!!! I love it :+fav:

Photmanips are great arent they?
it-i-laf's avatar
welcome to the fight club
skafy's avatar
fucking great duuudee
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