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Obey Your Master by MistressAinley Obey Your Master :iconmistressainley:MistressAinley 130 36 Two Kings by cici-chi Two Kings :iconcici-chi:cici-chi 45 3
Theta and Koschei
Once upon a time…
But that is not the way to start this story. Those whose story it is are not constricted by time in the way that most beings are, after all.
Once in time…
But who is to say it only has/will/is happened/happen/happening once? The universe holds many possibilities.
In time, and of time, there was a boy. This boy had a close friend, a companion, if you will. But, by forces neither could control, his companion was taken from him, and the person who was there in his stead was a shadow on a disturbed pool, a reflection in a broken mirror. But still, the person who he once was could sometimes be seen. The first boy, who for the purpose of this story we shall call Theta, could occasionally see his friend, whom we shall call Koschei, in the new person who had been formed. It hurt Theta to see his friend so changed, but there was something else stirring inside of Theta. A desire to explore, discover, marvel, be as absolutely free as possible. Wanderin
:iconempressnairec:EmpressNairec 7 5
Gallifrey by YlianaKapella-Neidon Gallifrey :iconylianakapella-neidon:YlianaKapella-Neidon 318 43 Variations on forever by sparklingblue Variations on forever :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 32 3 The 8th Doctor by sparklingblue The 8th Doctor :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 122 19 and then this... by sparklingblue and then this... :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 33 6 there is some kind of backstory... by sparklingblue there is some kind of backstory... :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 20 8 Please don't die by sparklingblue Please don't die :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 55 7 .. by sparklingblue .. :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 76 8 summary of art by sparklingblue summary of art :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 10 3 forehead kisses by sparklingblue forehead kisses :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 37 5 oh hey.... by sparklingblue oh hey.... :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 13 1 please don't forget me when you're done by sparklingblue please don't forget me when you're done :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 86 14 the one that got away by sparklingblue the one that got away :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 45 4
Run. Keep running.
Don't look back.
Forget me, forget your home, forget your family.
Because we no longer matter.
What matters now is running.
Past the red fields, the orange sky, the burning suns.
Just keep running.
Don't you dare look back.
Don't even glance.
One look, and you'll regret it.
Past the stars, the worlds, the universe itself.
Years, centuries, millenniums.
You can't stop running.
You won't ever look back. Just in case.
But you feel it, don't you?
The pain, the guilt, the grief.
Because you kept running.
What are you running to?
Lost son of Gallifrey, where are you going?
Do you still feel the fire? The flames licking your back?
Do you still hear the screams? The noise ringing in your ears?
Do you still taste the blood? The blood of your enemies, family, friends?
Don't turn. Don't look back.
Run… Run... I SAID RUN!
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