It has been a while.
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School and the newly formed band has me tied right now. Most of my art is random doodling while I try to figure out canine anatomy, so until I have at least a general idea of that I probably wont be posting much here.
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Yes, I was directing. We actually composed the demo in about five hours, so I was constantly changing the structure to try and find something that would work.

Also, we know about the drums being too loud and the guitar too soft, but there was no point re-recording if all the instruments /could/ be heard, since it was really just a demo for reference material.

Thanks for the crits, regardless, and the sound levels shall be fixed in the final version! (We will have two singers as well. Yay!)
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After much deliberation (and actually LISTENING to you 'song';) I have concluded this...
You guys do not... suck. You are, on the other hand, rough and unfinished. Jess especially. The drums? Yeah. I aint digging the drums. Too loud, for one. They're meant to be the rhythm and backbone, not a freakin' crash in your ear.
And you talking in the background? I know it's only a demo, but you shouldn't have to direct everything they do. And if that wasn't what you were doing, then it was just annoying.

Okay. I'm done. :)
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Your band.
What are you called again? ';Plan of Attack'?
Hehe. Heheee. *snerk*
Sorry. I just find the whole thing quite funny.