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WIP: male anthro wolf 2

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Worked some more on it... Neck is too long and I'm not sure what to do with the shoulders and left leg. Those just seem off kilter.

Any suggestions?
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Random interwebwalking leads to interesting places.

Even though this is basically a year later and you've finished and gotten tons better, I might as well try to feel helpful =]

-Neck may be too long, but it's also too thick, compared to the rest of the body. Kinda makes it look like a wolf is busting out of the guy's neck area, as the body is not proportional to the head area.

-The arm should be a bit thinner than the neck, but not so thin it may as well be just skin and bone.

-The hand is as big as your face when you hold it out to you, so you can use the face a good reference to hand size and placement.

Otherwise from the a little bit long and wide neck, it'd look fine.
Since it's been basically a year, I figure you've finished and everything so whatever I just said is mostly irrelevant. =p

Either way I like this because it reminds me of when I tried drawing anthros for the first time xD