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Let not this world confuse you
With its slowly rising sun,
Covered by a wisp of Smoke at night,
Smoke that thickens over time then
Slowly fades away before the
Sounds of morning flow from our
Cities and towns, metal constructs
Built to keep us bound.

Day by day and year by year
The chains of cities
Bind and blind,
Forcing us to stay inside and
Never look towards the sentries
Clothed in green and brown,
Standing in a line, all tall.
Verbose in their mournful siren call.

Reaching out, they only catch
Unseeing eyes which gloss over,
Seeing only scenes of black and blue.
Eyes blinded by lies and countless mistruths,
Deceptions plague their human minds,
Painting a darkened screen to
Cover the brightened, coloured scene.

We used to view creatures flitting
ten or two between forests that perpetually grew,
Releasing cries to pierce the stillness of the sky.
Now we hear it by and by as howls and screams: Adieu, Adieu.

Never do we watch the shifting seas,
Swaying trees and buzzing bees.

Never do we move outside,
Looking past our prismatic confines to
Discover a world which never did hide.

Never do we scream in anger at missing such a sight
As the rising sun banishing a depressing night.

Never do we cry out in fright at viewing only
Darkness blacker than the perfect night.

We refuse to scrape at the darkening sheen that
Covers over reality as just a clouded dream,
And over time we come to accept as dead
A connection which never caused much dread.
Stylistic influence comes from T.S. Eliot's 'The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock'.

I was thinking of the lack of a connection to nature in most people I know when I wrote this. Hell, I'm probably worse, but anyway...

I'm not sure how well I came through on this, so if you have the time, could you drop a comment telling me what you think of this? Please? It would be much appreciated =)

If you are going to use any part of this work within your own, please link back to my DA account and send me a message (either email, a DA comment or a DA note) with a link to your work.
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