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Commission 021 - Shesh by ravenshield Commission 021 - Shesh :iconravenshield:ravenshield 5 4 Metroid Prime - Tallon Crab by ravenshield Metroid Prime - Tallon Crab :iconravenshield:ravenshield 15 4 Commission 020 - Sorras by ravenshield Commission 020 - Sorras :iconravenshield:ravenshield 12 2 Commission 019 - Kolja with Imperial Eagle by ravenshield Commission 019 - Kolja with Imperial Eagle :iconravenshield:ravenshield 17 2 MDC - Dominik00 by ravenshield MDC - Dominik00 :iconravenshield:ravenshield 11 14 M:DC - Damon 02 by ravenshield M:DC - Damon 02 :iconravenshield:ravenshield 17 6 Commission 018 - Sharkfu by ravenshield Commission 018 - Sharkfu :iconravenshield:ravenshield 116 26 Commission 017 - Perfect Enemy by ravenshield Commission 017 - Perfect Enemy :iconravenshield:ravenshield 106 26 Commission 016 - Caiden by ravenshield Commission 016 - Caiden :iconravenshield:ravenshield 27 6 Commission 015 - Pacifist by ravenshield Commission 015 - Pacifist :iconravenshield:ravenshield 41 16 Commission 014 - Jack and Jezebel by ravenshield Commission 014 - Jack and Jezebel :iconravenshield:ravenshield 7 8 Commission 013 - Valerian and Pontos by ravenshield Commission 013 - Valerian and Pontos :iconravenshield:ravenshield 16 6 Commission 012 - Tattoo Design [Jordan] by ravenshield Commission 012 - Tattoo Design [Jordan] :iconravenshield:ravenshield 17 7
TF (AU) - Brightly Coloured Paperclips.
Brightly Coloured Paperclips.
Reaching up with a slow hand, he removed his glasses; his other hand rubbing knuckles back into his darkened eyes. Hours had passed, the team had all left to get some rest - even she'd left...and she always stayed latest with him. Despite the countless hours already devoted to Optimus's most recent task, Perceptor didn't feel like he was any closer to cracking the encrypted drives that have shamefully littered his desk for the last week. The fire team had risked life and limb to retrieve the handful of potentially tide-altering tech, and Optimus - well, as relayed by Prowl - had expounded upon such confidence in retrieving the data. He felt a personal responsibility to the project, and every day that passed without some notable progress, increased the anxiety in his head that reminded him he didn't deserve to stop and rest.
He stopped anyways. Just for a moment, when nobody was around to see him; just long enough to empty the coffee cu
:iconravenshield:ravenshield 4 5
- Falling in love with my best friend - by ravenshield - Falling in love with my best friend - :iconravenshield:ravenshield 6 5
TF (AU) - Mellow.
It was terribly late; rather, early - most everyone still fast asleep in their quarters, save for the scant few assigned to the night shift. Well, and Red Alert of course. One could be certain his eyes were dutifully scanning every brightly lit screen in the security hub at any given moment. As her bare feet padded across the metal flooring, a small smile tugged at Moonracer's lips while she considered their paranoid security chief. He was probably watching her walk down the empty hallways, wondering - certainly - what she was up too. Stopping short of a doorway, she glanced up at a lonely wall-cam and waved before moving on. Red was definitely running her files and over-analyzing her entire military career by now. Laughing quietly to herself, she continued on her path to the laboratory, to see the man she suspected had never left last night.
The silence of the base seemed too intense. She couldn't sway the weight it brought with every step nearer to the lab; pres
:iconravenshield:ravenshield 6 9


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As I am re-opening commissions (and re-joining life it seems), I felt it necessary to update my commission information for those who may be interested. 
I do still work a fair number of hours at my day-to-day, but with those hours recently in question based in the direction of my company, I am looking to supplement my income to avoid any greater struggle than is already being faced.

Introductions behind us, I'm offering character art to those interested; this would be predominately character work, though very simple backgrounds (abstract, block colour, boarder, simple objects) will be considered, at an added cost. 
All work is purely digital media, made in Photoshop, with digital delivery. At the close of the commission, Commissioners will receive a high-resolution format of the finished image, as well as any additional sketches and preliminary work. During the course of the project, Commissioners will receive routine updates at key points (sketch, lines, base colour, final colour), and may request major changes and/or minor changes at noted intervals. During sketch phase, major changes may be made - this to include, pose, character appearance/design, even a new character may be supplanted so long as the degree of difficulty is comparable. After a sketch has been finalized, accepted, cleaned, and lined, only minor changes will be allowed moving forward - this to include, facial expressions, very minor design aspects, and minute body/limb readjustments.

I appreciate communication a great deal and strive to be as available as possible during the project. I always encourage Commissioners to be absolutely honest with me throughout, so that I may deliver the best possible final product. 

I'd like to reserve the rights to post the completed work to my DA page, however I do understand, and respect, any individual's desire against this, and will honor a request to not post. All posted images will receive appropriate credits to character owner/designer, and - if possible - a link to that individual's site will be placed.
I do reserve the rights to the artwork itself, and do not authorize for my work to be used commercially, or in any other capacity which would lead to the financial gain of others. The only exception to this is with regards to the potential private sale of a character/character design, which is copy write to the Commissioner; should the Commissioner wish to sell a character/character design, packaged with prior commission(s) as incentive, it would be their right to do so. Beside the terms listed, this work is intended for personal use only, and as a final reservation, I reserve the right to refuse any potential commission(s) at my discretion.

I am open to working on multiple, eclectic, character types, such as human, animal, anthropomorphic, monster, and cybernetic. Feel free to request fanart, OCs, custom races, or - should you like it - some of my own personal characters. 

Payments are USD only (points/trades not accepted), and are made via PayPal, which also manages any currency conversions; invoices will be generated. Payments may be made at any time after the Sketch phase has cleared, and are due in full prior to delivery of Final product. 

Menu of services offered. Prices and examples listed below:

Jet Force Gemini00 by ravenshield Starbound by ravenshield
$15.00 each, one character. Tight, full body, sketches in a single colour.

Metroid Prime - Tallon Crab by ravenshield Perry by ravenshield
$25.00 each, one character. Clean, full body, lineart in black and white or single colour. I do add block colour for hair, which is not typically lined in.

M:DC - Damon 02 by ravenshield MDC - Dominik00 by ravenshield - Falling in love with my best friend - by ravenshield
Colour (Simple) 
$40.00 each, one character. Clean lineart with predominantly flat colour; full body. ((Busts available at $25.00))

- Jet Force: Squad Gemini - by ravenshield Commission 018 - Sharkfu by ravenshield  Commission 013 - Valerian and Pontos by ravenshield 
Colour (Complex)
$55.00 each, one character. Clean lineart with complex colour, lighting/shading; full body. ((Busts available at $35.00))

Commission 021 - Tallis by ravenshield Partners by ravenshield
$15.00 each, one character. Clean lineart with flat colour; full body.

- Additional characters may be added to any category at a charge of 50% the base cost, per character.
- Simple backgrounds may be added to any Colour image only for an additional cost of $3.00. 
- Characters which are exceptionally complex in nature, that may extend working time significantly in order to accommodate, may result in additional cost to account for added work time. This is a special circumstance that will be discussed, with terms agreed upon, before any work begins.

For those interested, please send me a note with your request, detailing the kind of work you'd like done. Please be as generous as you'd like in adding any helpful details and reference descriptions and/or images. I will return your message as soon as possible to discuss the commission with you, as well as provide you with a time I can begin, and update, additional contact, and payment information.

Thank you for your consideration!


Kat Szabo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Favourite genre of music: Epic Orchestral; Dramatic Film and Game Soundtrack; Ambient Electronica; Space Opera; Acoustic Folk; Solo, Blues, and Jazz Piano; Big Band; Power and Love Ballads.

Favourite style of art: Traditional and Digital Illustration.


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You're welcome thoooough <333
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