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Transition: Story Introduction

The transition has finally begun. 8D


Well, anyone who reads my stories knows that they're pretty much Teen Titans fanfictions. Though I've taken the universe under my wing and created characters never even heard of before and stories behind them with all the passion in my heart, I've had to work around the canon stories, and though some of that has resulted in amazing discoveries about each and every one of my characters, I'm starting to find it.... a lie.

I don't feel like my stories are fanfictions - it's been that way for a couple years now. Besides defying all of the stereotypes about fanfics, my stories are rooted in the Teen Titans world only in cold, hard fact. When I'm writing them, I don't shroud my mind in the TT veil anymore. It feels like it's all my own world, like my stories have been so manipulated by my characters that I hardly even feel like it's the Teen Titans world anymore.

Well, guess what?

I'm turning my "fanfics" into my own stories.

This is only the beginning. Yes, of COURSE I'm referencing Raven in this paragraph. XD But nobody needs to know that - I mean, come on, how many fantasy stories and ancient myths are all about the hero(ine) avoiding the end of the world? But I can't deny my beginnings, I can't pretend I made every single thing up myself - though it may eventually become something where even the slightest thread holding my current stories to the beginnings of my discovery of the writing passion has been cut, though I highly doubt it because there's too much sentimental value in those memories and loyallty to the truth and past for me to let that happen, for now I'd like to give myself a little smile in the beginning of my own stories. Brief references are fun anyways; those of us who see it, well... That's a ";}" moment.

Besides, the first paragraph could just as easily be talking about Sorcha from Juliet Mariller's stories, or Kahlan from Terry Goodkind's books, or even some tragic hero from Greek Mythology. (Yes, I capitolize Mythology. It deserves it.) Let it be any woman or girl you want - it's supposed to be Raven, simultaneously the 'Raven' in my stories and the Raven that Marv Wolfman gave the breath of paper life to (and Glen murakami then adopted), but that doesn't mean it HAS TO BE ABOUT her. As readers, it's your choice! You're the interpreters here; I'm just putting the words there for your entertainment! You're the ones who give the story such meaning, such importance... Yes, it means something very, very special to me - all my stories do. But with this breakthrough beginning, sending my stories out of the Teen Titans world and eventually into one entirely their own, out into the big, wide world of publication (hopefully and eventually), it's no longer going to be a story where everyone knows what Raven's supposed to sound like, or what Robin's witty quips are for. (..well, some people don't even see that NOW. XD) The success of the stories (emotionally, not monetarily or popularity-wise) is going to rely solely on their telling, on their meaning, the characters, on whatever emotion I can pour into them - and how the reader perceives it all.


Sorry for the rant, but stories and writing are my deepest passion, and with passion comes a desire to let it out. ^^'


Yes, it's a picture file. I hope that isn't bothersome...

And yes, the building is impressive - it's not 10-stories high like Titans Tower is, but I plan on giving it a really strange architechtural style... I haven't worked out exactly what it is yet, but acute angles and stonework are in the beginning of the vaguest plans I have for this.........

Changing Dove to a character entirely my own and cutting her Teen Titans ties makes her kind of inapplicable to the TTOCClub. XD (But that's okay; the transition hasn't happened yet, it's just in the stages of planning.)


Categorized as Mixed Media becasue it was written by hand as a story, then coverted into a PNG file via MSPAint... ...they won't let me post non-text in the Literature section, and I'm not posting this as an easily-copyable text piece. ^^';;; Sorry, I'm too proud of this rough introdution to let it be stolen. {8D;
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Sometimes, if you love something, you have to let it go become something all its own & it seems that you're in the process of doing that.
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*nod* I guess so. :}
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*nods back* Yep.
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Really nice:clap::clap:
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