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Round Robin Comic - pg 37

For CTTOC, of course!



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I forced myself to submit this at 6am so it was stiiiiill Sunday in the Samoan timezone. 8P

Also, I've been awake all night in my desperate attempts to finish this, and I really SHOULD grab three hours of sleep before work... ;;;

And yet? No panels (the process was complicaaateeeed), no text yet (unless you can read my writing), I have no idea how my layout went so ENTIRELY astray when I tried compiling it... but hey, it's still farther than I got when I submitted my RRC page last time. lI

I'll write fancier comments soon, but for now I really do need sleep! @___@

But we'll definitely need a summary because... ...this didn't quiiite go as planned. ;;;;

It's supposed to be in three columns after the top "row": left, right, and middle.

Top: Taboo's tats going in for the attack.
Dziki/sabertooth leaps out in front of Violet (who goes from "YES A FIGHT!" to "Ahhh that thing's huge").
Ekran/lizard leaps after Jeshula because Taboo and her babies know Jeshula is Josh's weakness and his strength.
Mordeca/spider wraps Strobe up to free up the key (because Taboo can't keep ALL her tats in motion for too long; that leaves her awfully vulnerable).

The magicians call a truce, Imagine restores Illusion's hat, and once there is text there it will be explained that they defeat Dziki together by startling him with a burst of light (Dziki is simple-minded and easily scared by "fire" if I remember correctly~), and then Imagine maaagics away his teeth and claws.

This is too much for the simple beast, and he flees - smacking right into Violet, and driving her into Ricochet's back. While Dziki flees back to his mommy, Violet starts a fight (I saw Linzerj mention that Ricohet wouldn't fight unless provoked and someone started it). Now Vi's over there SUPER EAGER to fight, and she provokes her, which turns out to be a really bad idea when you fight hand-to-hand against someone whose skin is a very heavy metal that humans are not meant to take punches from.

Meanwhile, over in The Right Column, the incidents are simple: Magenta tries to grab/grapple Rapid to wrestle the gun away because the girl's going to get someone hurt, but Rapid resists juuust enough that the gun goes off.

I decided to cliff-hang that one because that can have some really interesting consequences, and the possibilities are pretty wide-open!

Soo, the left column: was supposed to be a thing with Tim considering the history between Mel Sireno and Sliver. Since, you know, he now has Mel's power. But before he gets very far with that thought, he notices the gem taking yet another power. Because Ricochet knocked Violet out.

And that about covers it!

I hope this is all making sense! GAH, I've had no sleep and I'm sorry this wasn't anywhere near as neat or easy-to-read as I wanted it, but I spent all that time drawing these... even if it's not done, I swore I wouldn't let my turn be skipped this time. So... yeah.

I'll be fixing it up this week because... yeah, it just needs a lot of that.

i really shouldn't have tried doing three pages worth of drawing when i have absolutely NO drawing momentum and I spent a grand total of... gghhhhhhh, more than nine hours, straight. Drawing through the night. And this happened. aaaaahhhhhhhhh
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omg I love this, Violet soooo chose the wrong fight! xDDDD
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You got some great action going here and I like how loyalties and targets have worked out. Of course Josh and Jesh are Taboo's priority now that she's got Strobe tied up. And Violet totally picked the wrong fight! Poor kiddo...
Woo! Lu and Imagine are officially teaming up! That's awesome! And it looks like they already make a pretty good team taking out that tiger! :w00t:

Oh, gosh! The gun went off! It went off in the struggle! :ohnoes: That has to be one of the most intense cliffhanger's we've had thus far! The suspense! :faint:
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Ahh so much happening to keep the action flowing! Haha Ricochet definitely would've punched Violet's lights out by then, because without Carmen around to balance her out Bri can get very annoyed even faster than usual. 
Also that cliffhanger for the Rapid part omg I can't wait~