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I) Appearance

Dove is immediately recognizable as the girl in the white dress, probably standing off to the side. Her entire outfit is draping white, from her casual pale and pastel dresses to her iconic uniform of a white long-sleeved dress covered in a long white hooded cloak, usually draped around her like a security blanket until action wipes the timidity from her mind.

Under the cloak: she's short, slightly on the thin side, and obviously young. Her posture is never imposing; though she's confident in her step and well-coordinated, she treads with a very light and quiet stride. Her skin's a little pale; her hair is a thin light blond; her dark blue eyes wide and often looking far too lost in thought...

This slight and gentle appearance makes her the easiest one to underestimate.

Some reference pics: dress without the cloak, heroing costume attire, distressed

II) Powers and Abilities


Without a doubt, telepathy is Dove's greatest ability.

~ Receptive telepathy allows her to glean knowledge from an opponent's mind simply by reaching it. She needs eye-contact to lay the mental connection, but all it takes is a quick glimpse and she has a chance to access the other's mind. (Note: She's very respectful of boundaries and privacy, and she only ever seeks the information she needs. She'll disregard and pretend to not notice anything else that slips through due to her shaky precision.)

~ Projective telepathy is far trickier business (for achieving the exactly-desired result), although it's much easier for her to use (when it's not so exact). This is her ability to reach into minds, not merely read and receive them. This is how she can speak mentally to another's "inner ear", or use shockwaves of mental energies and "static" to disorient her targets, or manipulate memories and subtly force thoughts and sensations into another's mind.

A combination of reading her teammates' minds and sending her own thoughts into theirs allows her to communicate over long distances, even where communicator signals won't reach. As long as she lays a connection beforehand, and when she can maintain constant focus, Dove can hold a strong connection over twenty stories away. (If she's maintaining a three-way connection, it strains her more, requires her to split her focus, and the connections grow weak much more quickly.)

~ Her mind has become very, very fortified as her telepathic capacities and experiences with them have grown. It's harder to break into her mind than another's (e.g. it's hard to steal glimpses into her memories because she keeps her mind on strict eternal lockdown), she recognizes/resists/fends off mental attacks much more easily, and her conscious awareness is more stable and resilient. (For example, when most people would feel unable to think due to magic messing with one's mind, Dove's thoughts remain strong despite it otherwise disorienting her.)

That's not to say that striking an emotional weakness won't send her EMOTIONS crumbling around her. Thought, sensation, processing memories, and logic - these are all things she excels at handling. But bring her EMOTIONS into the mix (especially when those are fear and grief), and Dove tends to lose her grip on the mind more and more as her grip on the emotions weakens.

Dove also has the ability to levitate short distances, summon and build or fire astral energy constructs, and use the occasional desperate streak of telekinesis - but she's rather weak with these abilities, and often uses these as defensive maneuvers rather than attacks.


~ She tends to walk very quietly and is very light on her feet, so despite her aversion to physical battle, she's excellent for stealth and surprise attacks. (Note that she's wearing a big white cloak, so "stealth" really depends on the visibility conditions.)

~ Languages: The Azarathean language, Dove's native tongue, is close enough to Hebrew that, should they encounter it, Dove would be able to translate. She knows snatches of ancient Greek and a very limited amount of Latin, but only to the extent where she could pick out a key word or two.

~ If it counts: boosting morale. She can also give a very encouraging pep talk.


It's so little understood and unreliable, that it can hardly be considered an advantage. But it's there when the times are desperate. Dove's ancestors were Scryers, a legacy of mages with a special skill for divination. But Dove was never taught to use it properly, and the energies and mental sensations she handles on a daily basis often drown out any precognitive messages she'd receive. Unless it's an especially strong "feeling", or genuinely life-altering event. Especially when danger surrounds her and those she cares about, Dove has uncanny instincts for when to dread and when to relax - when to watch out, and when danger lurks just beyond their next few steps. Unfortunately, trying to follow them usually leads her through a game of "Hot and Cold", testing each option against them to see whether it feels more foreboding or, sometimes, even reassuring.


Similar to Raven, the stability of Dove's powers relies on her stability of mind. Focus and concentration are very important; though Dove can use quick telepathic attacks and forge projective "paths" in the blink of an eye, utilizing this connection efficiently requires focus and willpower. Without the drive and determination, her powers would be weak and pretty near useless.

Levitation exhausts her very quickly. (Especially if there's a lot of speed, motion, and swerving involved. She can maintain a gentle and steady hover for up to twenty minutes traveling time, but would then need to rest or she risks faltering and dropping herself from the air.)

She may have been born in a mystical world, but Dove has no strength with, and very little defense against, magic.

Receptive telepathy also acts like a mental sort of empathy, which means Dove can instinctively sense whether someone is lying, how hard their mind is working (even if she doesn't know why), etc. However, this also means that if everyone around her is concentrating fiercely to the point of frustration, she'll often feel overwhelmed and struggle to maintain focus.

If she's too frantic or frustrated, her summoned energies end up much more uncontrolled as well (but she can still use it - just not with any precision. It tends to become unreliable bursts and streams in general directions.) This also exhausts her. (More emotion = more power released = more of her energy being used up.)

Her telepathic onslaughts can become very dangerous and damaging when she's in these states (emotional, exhausted). The lack of precision doesn't hinder their efficacy, but it DOES hinder her ability to seek SPECIFIC information, disorient the target a SPECIFIC amount, or even to simply hold back, and the attack becomes a desperate and confused mess of mental chaos.

III) Personality

Dove just wants nothing more than to find some calm and peace in the world.

~ In calm: Dove is gentle and thoughtful, equally alert of her surroundings and deeply introspective. She's quiet, too - unless she has already formed trust with everyone around her, she tends to only speak when spoken to, or when something definitely needs to be said. Around those she trusts: She's visibly more relaxed, and sometimes even a touch playful. She becomes quite content and easygoing among friends.

~ In distress: Dove handles physical distress and danger with a steady forward motion. When she finds herself in doubt or trouble, she pauses, generally withdraws as best she can to work it out, and then takes action with focused determination. She isn't given to thought failing her due to stress; her ideas may be flustered, but she powers through with a breath and a quick reminder to FOCUS!

Emotionally, Dove's moments of distress aren't quite as stable - she's easily unnerved by loss and fear, but she also knows how to face these things and carry on. It takes quite a bit of prying to really, truly upset her. (She fought all her life to remain at least mostly calm, after all...)

~ In pain: At first it's a shock and distraction, but Dove is generally able to take enough deep breaths that she can resteady herself for another round. Physical pain is nothing to her when it compares to her compassion and drive to help (or rescue) her team.

~ In triumph: Dove is usually just glad they escaped alive. Introverted tendancies and her deep-set pacifism often make battle a mild internal struggle, and the emotional toll exhausts her that much more deeply than the physical exertion. So when it's all over, it usually leaves her more relieved than anything... She'll often feel happier for others' sense of victory and joy than her own. But once she has a chance to rest, she's happy to join the celebration.

IV) Interaction
Dove is the farthest thing from unfriendly. But she is pretty shy, timid, and a recovering sociophobic. (That is, she spent enough of her life genuinely hiding from the world that she developed a fear of interaction, because her childhood taught her that interacting with people would mean her life would fall apart. So, put simply, she feared even the briefest social interaction for the first eight months on Earth.)

But nearly a year with the Titans has taught her very, very differently, and she has learned that being on a team doesn't just mean blindly taking orders and straining in the same general direction: it also means cooperating and trust.

Strangers and enemies, however... Dove faces them with a hesitant withdrawal, despite her willingness to lend a hand. She doesn't see the villains as scum of the Earth, just an unfortunate fact of life that needs to be limited, and a force of pain to the world that she feels a deeply-driven NEED to use her abilities against.
  • Alignment: Hero. Although she won't strictly adhere to any public definition.
    (Note: Dove's pacifism means she won't do "whatever it takes" to fulfill a moral or ethical obligation. The line between what NEEDS to be done and what they merely WANT to do often blurs for her. And she won't ever, ever kill. Or even enjoy causing villains pain. Again: that's just an unfortunate side effect of something that needs to be done...)

  • Dove doesn't know the meaning of competitive. Or argumentative, or grudging. Her calm, compassionate nature allows an open-mindedness and readiness to help that makes her a natural fit for a team-working atmosphere. Around abrasive people, or anyone she doesn't yet feel comfortable with: she'll often retreat to a silent sidelines position, only speaking A) when it genuinely contributes to the mission, or B) speaking softly when her sense of compassion overrules her sense of unease.

  • She's definitely more of a team worker; she often has far more confidence in her friends and teammates than she does herself, and that trust and respect allows her to surpass her own hesitance towards things that would otherwise hold her back.

V) Writing Sample

If emotions were the building blocks of chaos and destruction, why was compassion and pain and guilt the foundation for Dove's desperate drive to play hero?

But that's just it, she knew: one couldn't separate compassion from destruction... Not here. You couldn't have guilt without compassion. You couldn't have compassion without emotion. You couldn't have purpose without emotion to drive it. You couldn't separate meaning from life. Even if nobody really knew what that meaning was.

You can't separate good from evil, either. Not entirely. The Teen Titans would never eradicate one end of the moral spectrum, and leave it entirely pure and perfect for the rest of Good to flourish - there was just far too much of a Gray Area, questions for every means to the end... and there would never be a moment when all the people of this world agreed on what was the perfectly right decision, Dove was sure of it. Sometimes, it was just a matter of guesswork... trial, and error. Attempts.... and failure.

And that realization stung like a thousand needle-point knives striking her heart at once. At least, it did when she first came to it. But Dove refused to let that thought defeat her. She couldn't surrender to hopelessness... Not again. Not after everything she'd been through... Everything she'd lost. Not after all the sacrifices in her world, and the rest, had proven that sometimes, it really is worth it just to try. Just to do one's best. Just to find a meaning in something, and do the very best you could to make it matter.

That was the beauty of this world. Things had meaning. The sacredness of someone else's life actually mattered. Whether they shared your beliefs or not. Whether they were in your family or not. Whether they ever thanked you or not.

Even if she couldn't change the world as dramatically as others seemed to hope... Dove quietly marched on, and held close, praying, clutching onto hope that, somewhere, in someone's heart, or mind, or even just a momentary thought: it was held true that something they'd do here really mattered. And that was a hope she cherished more than anything in the world.

VI) (optional) Is there any other information you'd like to provide?

Well... Dove has a few phobias that could mean huge problems if she encountered them:
~ Cynophobia [traumatic-event based; she grows very nervous around large dogs]
~ Emetophobia [irrational; fear of vomiting; it leaves her in exhausted panic]
~ Ceraunophobia [fear of thunder (not lightning or rain); irrational; most other loud noises unnerve her, she startles violently at gunshots and avoids fireworks]

Dove is also afflicted with PTSD that leaves her with nightmares and the occasional flashback; by now she has healed to the point where this only matters if her traumatic memories are triggered. Meditation techniques usually help... but if someone manages to keep her thoughts focused on fire, heat, death, destruction, sadism, and/or the thought of hurting the people she cares about, she tends to lose it entirely.

...and finally, maybe... She's squeamish? Really, really squeamish. If there's much blood to be seen or felt, you really don't want her around. And if it's her own blood? She only doesn't faint because her mind won't let her. She might be sick, though. Just try to distract her, and if she can remember to keep breathing, and remember how urgently she needs to not freak out because her powers need to be controlled, she'll recover in a few minutes.
I'm submitting Dove to the ClubTeenTitansOC Round Robin Novel, of course! 8D

Perhaps I'll write a more detailed comment soon. But between the emotional turmoil of my computer almost dying, forcing myself through the finer details of this and ignoring the editor in me crying that "THOSE WORDS NEED TO BE PRETTIER", and reeeeally needing sleep, I don't quiiite have the energy to write one of my typical long-winded comments.

I'm sure you're silently thanking the gods for that though. {lD

So, here we go, CTTOC. Dove is officially in the game!~
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