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Dove - Nervous Tread

Dove's always a timid creature. But the wariness - glancing over her shoulder, keeping her hood up, incessantly holding her cloak's edge like that - come on especially strong in recent chapters of DDD.


With reference, this was drawn from 8:47 to 9:31 - forty-five minutes, shading and all!, on September 5, 2012.

I used Raven's pose in Prophecy as a reference - I know she was gripping her cloak like that but I can't remember which screencap... This one, I think?
(Screenshot taken by teentitanlover1990 on Tumblr.)

Originally I just wanted to practice nervous posing and body language - but I ended up doing more for this picture than I've done in a long. long time... and it felt so good to shade again! I think the areas of light and dark on this one are well balanced~

(I also officially decided that Dove's cheekbones are higher than Raven's. Not that... you probably care so much about the little details, But I do, and finding the defining characteristics in Dove's facial structure is an accomplishment for me~)
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akrex's avatar
JUST REALIZED Ive already comented on this XD ah well still awsm
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Heehee, well I'm glad you love it enough to comment again!~ 83 Yes, I thought it portrays her nervous nature pretty well... :3;;;

(Though I think I need to write/RP/draw more of her in HAPPIER times, because she definitely isn't ALWAYS this tense/anxious/nervous/uneasy... 8D;;; )
akrex's avatar
YES yes you doooo! come to the chat and id be glad to help x3
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
I'm SO rusty with my RPing - nobody on Tumblr's replying lately. 8P But I'd LOVE to shake this rust off~ X3 My night of DCUO gaming can wait, people are here to RP with! 8DDD Is everyone still online? OwO
akrex's avatar
trust me It took me a while too but i'll help out best I can! note me if you want to start one that way 83
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
I'd love that! 8D What should we do, any ideas, anything in mind?

...we never finished the one with Dove and Taboo... (Or Kary and her, for that matter. XD) Dove and Heart Muncher is always dramatic... Maybe I could even do a little Krunchy?

Or should we start something completely and totally new?~ Something light and upbeat (Dov and Alex go to the zoo, and have to stop some villain like Mumbo from using all the animals as props or Control Freak from turning them all into animations or something? XD)... ...hmmm.

They never got to bake together; as soon as Dove and Claire got to the house for that one we had planned, everyone came back. :3
akrex's avatar

Ahhh so many ideas!


WELL unfortunately all the rps I did with you I lost Dx from that stupid virus


If you happen to have any with Krunchy or taboo and kary.. or alex and Claire send them my way via email? I think I gave it too you. magical debby?


But a zoo trip to stop a villan XD sounds funn too! Civi to hero is always fun 83 how bout we start a zoo one and you could send me the others in the mean time? 83 I DO want to continue crunchy! I love crunchy best friendship ever!

RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Oooooooooo, I can definitely send you any RPs you've lost! I take it I should probably send you the RPs with Dove and Heartmuncher, too? ;D Those were too epic to lose!! Also important to the Krunchy storyline, so I'm definitely sending those. X3

Did you manage to save any Jolex? Because I have a couple saved - I still have the notes from Iceland that you two'd sent me, and I have what I managed to witness of the ultrasound one... :3 I could give you those, too! And I think I have the one where Yo-yo met Tassle? What about the one when Dove's dark side kind of threw everyone into their own mindscapes within hers? The Titanimals one with Dove/Alex/Mumbo is still posted here, as well as the crack Srentha/Bullet drunk one, so if you want to you can copy them and save 'em for your own records~ ^^

Baaaaasically, if there were any RPs I witnessed or saved that you remember, I would be more than happy to send them! /^w^\ I keep them ALL - backed up on my hard drive, my external hard drive, and my flashdrive dedicated to RP back-ups!~ ;3 Ultra-safe~

Sounds good!~ Dove doesn't have much of a civi identity (...or civi life for that matter), but maybe this RP can help her develope it~ :3 And we can use this RP as a warmup for Krunchy, because Kary IS kind of a tricky character to RP. /XD
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akrex's avatar
Love this picture its very dove x3
Vonora's avatar
Aww, She looks so cuuute! :meow:
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Oh, thank you!~ I'm so glad you think so. ^w^
akrex's avatar
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
/^w^\ I was toying around with a more "canon Teen Titans" style, hence the bigger eyes than normal and things... I think that's why she looks so cute in this picture? :3
akrex's avatar
XD eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Wazwazwaz's avatar
OH NOES! SHE NERVOUS *flying huggles her*
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Dove: *yelps and cringes as she topples over, not expecting the flying huggle*

Me: I don't think that's helping. o.o;;;

She'll get better once I can finally finish DDD and get its sequel over and done with, I promise. <333
Wazwazwaz's avatar

Me: Dun worry, your safe with meh *pets Dove ignoring the you you*
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Me: ...o.o; Just be careful with her, she's in a fragile state.
I'm not gonna let her go all totally-uncontrolled-DDD-climax on you, that would give you nightmares for a year. But try not to scare her too much. <XD

Dove: *frozen in awkward confusion for a moment before squirming uncomfortably* This... doesn't really... feel safe...
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