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Ahhhh, I finally put the finishing touches on personalizing my laptop and getting all the essentials in order, and in use. ^^ So here’s a post to celebrate.~

The laptop itself is a lovely Lenovo, with a very sleek, simple black matte design and a touchpad I can actually… USE. Gasp?! (Laptop mouses/keyboards and I usually don’t get along. But this thing is super touch sensitive, so it’s refreshingly responsive to my ghostly taps~) I loved it the moment I pulled it from its box. It’s Windows 10, because I grew a touch too excited and ordered it without reading EVERYTHING ten times to be sure I wasn’t missing anything…;;; But at least it's still 64-bit, and 10, albeit less customizable than 7, is much more tolerable than 8. I don’t hate it anymore. But none of that makes it MY computer. So here are all the things I’ve customized:

~ I’ve removed useless space-consumptive items like Cortana (sorry).
~ My beautiful dark custom high-contrast theme.~~~
~ Only the programs I use are pinned to the taskbar!~ (And my favorites, too!)
~ Waterfox, because Chrome is a resource hog. (Waterfox even adopted the Windows theme!)
~ Yes, that is Word 2003. 13 years later. (I despise the 2007+ “ribbon”, and 3D effects. It drives my ADD crazy.)
~ Justice League vs. Teen Titans background, of course. Starring Raven, in meditation. (Screenshot’d from the 11-minute preview on the Bad Blood DVD. I’ll probably change it once the movie comes out, but for now: That background is very nice, kind of soothing actually… and I really like my computers to have soothing effects.)

Now that everything is darkened, softened up, and I have my Word '03 back: This laptop feels JUST like home.~<333
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yo. drop that wallpaper