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CTTOC Round Robin Comic pg 55

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One of these weeks, I'll have a chance to fully finish my page. u.u';;
This particular week was insane, busy, exhausting, confusing, stressful, and weird. But the page shall persevere!

Drawing the contrast between sKate's expressive nature and Sal's stoicness was fun, so I will definitely return to polish this one up. In the meantime, the scanner I was forced to use had issues with scanning the Whole Thing and forced me to crop to a certain ratio. (??? Whatever.) Also, partial lack of captions. So let me fill you guys in:

{{ Editor's Note: The last page of the RRC did appear to introduce a new character. Unfortunately, it was a page too soon - no new characters were to be introduced until page 55! So I worked around the "hand" that was seen and used our heroes' exhaustion to my advantage. }}

(Continued from sKate and Salamander being shocked at page 54.)

Salamander: What is it?
sKate: Someone's there!

Salamander: *moves to investigate the "hand" sKate sees*
Hand: *turns out to be a tree branch*

Both: *take a moment to look around, just in case. It's a dangerous situation they're in, after all.*
sKate: *still spooked*
Salamander: *watching the forest warily anyways* ...sKate...

Salamander: There's no one here.
sKate: Are you sure?

Salamander: Yes. We can't start jumping at every shadow that moves. We're tired, we're hungry, our powers are gone, we don't know how we'll get them back... ...or, if.
Salamander: We need to get a grip.
Salamander: Look, it's getting cold out. 
(Scene: *is night, per page 48 mentioning that the sun was setting* )

Salamander: Let's get a fire going. *scowling at loss of powers* The hard way.
Salamander: After all...
Salamander: ...We won't get to see Tim taken down if we don't even live through the night.


It seemed to me that sKate would be way out of her element here - a city girl, used to lightning speeds, suddenly without her powers and tied down to Salamander's non-wheeled speed. Both have lost their powers. Both have probably figured out that Tim intends to keep them. And they're far away from all the comforts of home, including warmth and food and generally feeling safe and secure. Although with Salamander being a mercenary, and a much harder egg to crack than sKate seems, I figured she would be more comfortable with a survival situation and probably invaluable as a team member when you're a meta, stuck without the things that make you meta.

Salamander belongs to Hannah-Little.
sKate belongs to Feiring.

Characters and their related elements are used with permission by virtue of the RRC activity, but still very much belong to their respective creators.~
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You did a good job of getting some real emotional stuff going between these two. It is great to be reminded that these guys are trapped out in the wilderness and that other meta-humans might not be the only threat they face.