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After that epic planning stage and the rousing pep-talk in our last installment, this felt like the perfect time to bring down the heat and let it slow-burn for awhile.

For how long though? Ohboy, that reunion of some old friends - resident badasses Salamander and Forever Man together again. This is going to be fun. X)

Then, WHOA. THE BUSHES. Is it Raiden? Is it the drones? Or is it going to remain a maddening cliffhanger?! That's up to the next person in line!



Top panel:
[Anathema sends out her drones.]

*captioned* Salamander?
sKate: And Skate! Who are you?
Penumbra: I'm Penumbra.
Salamander: And he's forever Man.
Salamander: He's a friend.
sKate: Cool.

Forever Man: What are you doing here?
Salamander: Same as you, I'd wager...
sKate: Woke up trapped in the middle of nowhere with a total stranger chained to your wrist?
Penumbra: That about sums it up...
Forever Man: Any idea how we got in this mess?
Penumbra: Or how to get out of it?

Fourth panel:
[Group chat. They discuss what they know.]

[SUDDENLY: ~RUSTLES~ in the bushes! ]

Everyone: !!!


--ASKDJALKJFVS, I FORGOT TO DRAW GEN AND DUPLICATE. wow. Forgive me, guys - that wasn't intentional, but my brain has been SO uncooperative this month. sdxfghjmk......

So aside from that, the writing part went well and I knew what to do for my page within three days! But. then. ......drawing??? draw... the? thing??? *scratches out awkward lines on paper in hopes of making a coherent story*

"Ah, at last: the Art."

...or... something. gods i don't know. What is pacing. what are words. i didn't sleep enough this month to remember how those work and holyheck, being so busy is hecka hard to handle when ADD is a thing. BUT HERE. *throws paper at the screen* i even researched how jellyfish and bacterium move for the drones. ahhh....

i could scream. my speakers went out and when you have legitimately-diagnosed add let me tell you, it is HARD to draw without music. music is that perfect balance between "background sensory input so you can focus" and "not linguistic so it distracts you" (even lyric'd songs on my art playlist, I know so well I can sing along and get exited without thinking about it). and my computer seemed determined to kill each and every single thing I have attached to it, including my wireless adapter, my speakers, and just as I was attempting to scan this: MY MONITOR DIED?!

But now, it is 11:55pm. On the last possible day of my submission. and i have crawled out of the hell that is Christmas-time retail work and second/third jobs and phone loss and applications for financial aid and technological mayhem and everything else that composes this chaotic life of mine to POST THIS PAGE and collapse in a heap of relief.


Disclaimers and Credits and tags, oh my:
Forever Man belongs to ThePsychoArtist.
Penumbra belongs to BomBright.
Salamander belongs to Hannah-Little.
sKate belongs to Feiring.

Characters and their related elements are used with permission by virtue of the RRC activity, but still very much belong to their respective creators.~
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