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Breaking in the new uniform!

See this picture for the Before and After effect!

Dove has only just tried on her newest uniform, and she's still getting used to it. (Levitation, too. It's not something she does very often... but she's dreading having to practice it in the upcoming combat course.)

If you remember when I was ranting about Dove having a new outfit, now you know what I was talking about!

This is Dove's new-and-improved combat-ready uniform - yeah, we all know it doesn't look too different from her usual dresses. Which wouldn't last a day on the battlefield... But Dove was getting too frustrated with trying to find another design, standard skintight uniforms felt too awkward for her to concentrate (which, you know, is the single most important part of controlling her powers), and it's not like she has a life outside the Titans. So she didn't care to make it any different.

But the others absolutely INSISTED that she find something that worked- something safer, more durable, and less likely to fall apart in the middle of a fight. Silk may be stronger than cotton, but it's still prone to concerete friction and would provide absolutely no protection from impact!

So this is what they came up with: (Complete design analysis ahead!)

~ Dove's about 16 years old and only JUST beginning to mature physically, so they had to design something a little flexible.

She was far too uncomfortable with the idea of losing the cloak - it's like a security blanket for her. (But that was okay; not like cloaks are anything new to mystic heroes...)

But her dress had to change.

The fabric is a more flexible, far more tear-resistant threading sewn thickly and resiliently enough to offer her skin protection from rashes and physical contact with broken glass, poisons, irritants, and other unsafe materials.

(Note: it offers little protection from hard impact. There are extra layers of cushion and protection sewn where she's most likely to get hit if she's caught in hand-to-hand combat - hence the seams on her sleeves - but it's not enough to protect her from gravity's onslaught. She's not built to carry the extra weight of armor around anyways, so they had to go lightweight on her.)

The design of the new dress does covers her arms entirely and hugs her limbs more tightly than her loose original - though it still lets her skin breathe more easily and keep its form without restricting her movements. It's easier for their private tailor to put together, too. It's minimal, but with a skirt that billows less, wind resistence + drag and overall aerodynaimcs are improved.

Of course, the skirt coldn't be TOO close around her legs or she wouldn't be able to manuever on foot. So it's still loose enough around her shins and thighs that she can run full-speed if she has to.

~ V-neck: Dove didn't mind this change at all - it was just a stylistic choice (though she's convinced it would make it harder to choke her if someone grabs her from behind, too).

~ The shoes now cover and protect her ankles; before they were more like slippers than anything. Instead of being basic loose-cloth structure, they're custom-made for her feet specifically, and they now have far more support with thicker soles and protect her ankles, as well as providing cushion and impact relief. Plus, they're insulated to keep her feet from freezing in cold weather and waterproofed to prevent snow-melt and puddle problems.

Somehow they're still comfortable for her to wear. Heavier than she's used to, but comfy.

And my personal favorit updatee, the belt!

Don't go confusing it with Robin's all-purpose utility belt, but it IS useful for auxiliry storage and functions as a lightweight utility belt of her own. It's secure enough for her to wear even throug rough travel and the pockets are made so she could loop-de-loop midair (as if she'd ever want to) and still not lose a single thing.

~ The pocket on her right side, which you can see clearly at this angle, is the largest and intended to safely store her communicator.

~ The pocket on her other side could accomodate a small water bottle (up to 4 fl oz, depending on design), a few folded-up papers, or anything she'd need for missions.

~ She doesn't assign the front pockets for anything specifically, as their contents change with the mission. Unfortunately her motion sickness and unique physiology are such that even tea and ginger tablets won't help much, so she carries a constant supply of antiemetic kinetosis cures (preventing dehydration when they're in the middle of nowhere is every bit as important as keeping her from phobic distractions, after all). And then there's the aromatherapy - she always has a small vial of oils, incense ash, anything to help her calm down in a crisis situation. Because losing touch with calm is the absolute most DANGEROUS thing Dove could do in the middle of a mission. And for a couple years after she starts on the field, she needs all the help she can get.

In this picture you can see the strap that hangs down a bit in the front. That's because the belt is adjustable, since she's only STARTING to develope and it's anyone's guess how wide her waist would be in two months - or two years. Assuming the outfit lasts that long.


And now for the obligatory RHS rambles.

I'm really excited over how WELL the cloak came out! Especially around her shoulders. And the hood, that too. I'm getting the details of flowy mystical outfits down, go me. Just a gentle billow in the three-story wind, nothing dramatic. But it provides plenty of fold to keep me satisfied. X) )

I have NO idea how long this acutally took to draw... Two hours total, I think. o.o

With this base as a pose and anatomy reference (somehow I still managed to mess up here and there):

And it was drawn February of 2013~ (Around the 19th... Yeah. :3 The 19th was when I edited/thickened hte belt, so the original draft can't have been long before that, 17 or 18th...)
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oooh she looks great x3 new uniforms are always a good change especially if they help protect the character more.
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Agreed! If she's going to be out in the field, it needs to be a little more practical. (Besides, new phase in her life - fitting enough circumstances for a new outfit, right?~ )
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mhmm! Alex recently got an update too
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
So I heard! The Backdraft update?~
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mhmm! she can fight now!
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Yessss! GO ALEX~
Did all that training come in handy for her yet? X3 if not, we can totally incorporate hand-to-hand fight scenes in our upcoming RP!
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Yes! Im a bit rusty myself, ive been ina  bit of a rut but im ready to push alex to where she needs to be.

SO YES its much needed!


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