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Before and After: It's not just a uniform.

When Dove's combat uniform was finalized and she was finally allowed to start working with the Titans, as a Titan, so much had changed for her. Initially it was the devastating guilt from Dove's Dark Discovery that led her to join them at last, in a desperate search for redemption.

But after hardly a month of being exposed to the true JOY the city people felt around the heroes, their relief and gratitude for what the heroes did, and seeing how many people truly did need this team she'd previously only known to perpetuate violence, Dove's sense of confidence and self-worth was already on the rise.

No longer lost nor confused, nor homesick nor afraid, Dove had found her place in the world. She found a reason to live. And that is why she stands tall in her uniform, with the faintest hint of pride showing through even her clearly timid demeanor. She is proud ot be a part of them. And she's so relieved that she can be there to help.

The picture on the left is her standing awkwardly and uncomfortable within a week of her arrival at Titans Tower, not even sure what to do with her arms when the Titans first took her picture for the sake of record-keeping and thorough background checks. At the time she wasn't just afraid, but unhealthy - very thin and half-starved, and the dress still hung a bit loosely on her. She hadn't yet regained all the weight she lost on her trek there.

But the picture on the right is just over a year later, when she'd finally regained her health and puberty began to mold the immaturity of her form into something just a little more womanly.

She's a late bloomer... but boy, does she bloom well.
I think she's pretty, anyways. :3


There were also some minor alterations in the outfit's design that I didn't realize when drawing the first one:

Dove's opera-glove style sleeves used to cut off at her elbow on the bottom, and the top would cover her arm (and taper into a ringlet at her fingers), while the rest draped into a flowing sleeve. The ringlets on her traditional dress are thin (barely there) and around her first two fingers, and their tapering begins at the elbow. But the new sleeves cover her whole arm and don't even start to taper in until her wrist, and the ringlet only wraps around her middle finger. The sleeve wraps around her wrist; the ringlet is sturdier both because of its material and structure, with less tension between when it's vulnerable and when it's sturdy (the ringlet and the wrist, just a few inches of weaker fabric). The new hand-coverings are elastic, too - the fabric has natural elasticity and strength,m so it's less likely to break - plus it's more flexible and can handle Dove's powerful energy blasts and allows the natural motion Dove's hands go through when directing her powers and her mind.

The picture on the right also shows when she has grown into the belt more; if you notice, it doesn't droop quite so low on her hips as it did when she first tried it on.

...Also, I... guess Dove has long legs when she's 15/16. /XD And wider hips? That's the way she's been coming out lately when drawn mid-puberty, so I guess it's canon now. *shrug*

She'll grow into them.~ (...I think. Srentha likes her legs in the future though, so maybe not... XD)

Anyway, this one was also drawn on February 19th, and it took me five-freaking-thirty PM to seven forty. That's more than two hours, people. And I don't even really know why. (Maybe because I kept stopping to write tons and tons of notes and story ideas around the paper? X3 What you're looking at is actually a Photoshop-edited version of the paper with all the words around it edited out because they are very distracting.

I used this thing Kira drew:…
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